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Jul 4, 2012 05:22 PM

Look at these Vitamix prices - WOW!!!

$264.99 for the 5200. Yeah, there's a catch as they are based in Asia. Even if it's the right current I doubt that Vitamix would honor the warranty. Anyone have any experience with this site? They sell a lot of high end kitchen products. FREE shipping on these and I don't think any tax. No US contact #.

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  1. These are ridiculously low. The company is in Indonesia. Might be worth a try if they have something I need and don't currently own. Thanks.

    1. For me, the savings isn't worth the risk. I already own one anyway.

      1. has a section called Warehouse Deals where they sell open box, damaged box, refurbished items and returns with full warranties.

        On the Amazon website, click on Today's Deals and then click the Warehouse Deals link.

        You have to check the prices, however, sometimes there are really good deals and sometimes there is hardly any markdown.

        Here's a link to the Amazon Warehouse Deals section and a link to the Vitamix discounted items.

        1. Most everything that site has is really cheap. It also looks like shipping is free. Something doesn't seem right though.

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            I didn't find their prices to be cheap on the other blenders. Their Blendtec prices are higher than what I can get it for at Bed Bath & Beyond. Vitamix is made in the US though. How can they ship it from Asia. It would have to be shipped there, and then to the US? That doesn't make sense. Maybe they are knockoffs of Vitamix that they are selling there. When I call Vitamix about something else I will ask them about the site. Vitamix doesn't really allow discounting.

            You're right that something doesn't seem right. I was excited to find the site until I realized where they were based.