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Jul 4, 2012 04:57 PM

Is it really necessary to declaw chicken feet for use in stock

Im sorry. I dont think i will ever get used to chicken feet which creep me out. The less I have to handle them the better. Im not sure if there is really any purpose to declawing them if im just going to discard them after use.

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  1. They do end up very clean after the process, which is of small consolation to you and even less to the chicken. I recall a woman boarding the train I was riding at one of the many stops between Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey in 1971, selling her chicken tacos in a basket, and I was delighted to see a food vendor as I was so hungry. But seeing a whole chicken foot dangling from a taco was a turn-off and I waited until the next train stop.

    1. I've always assumed it was a cleanliness issue, that nasty stuff was more likely to get stuck in the claw. But I've never trimmed them and never had any problems with my stock.

      1. I never declaw for stock.

          1. Finger nails are made of collagen which is what you are after. Don't declaw for stock.

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              this. as long as you are buying from a market and not just killing your own, just toss the whole batch in the pot. i use feet, heads and backs for chicken bone broth.