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Jul 4, 2012 04:06 PM

Erie PA question

My wife and I will be stopping overnight in Erie. We'll be staying at the Sheraton Bayfront.
We are looking for a nice spot for dinner on a Tuesday night, somewhere to relax and have a drink after a long day of driving. I'd prefer to avoid loud music and byob, as I'll want a glass or two of wine and don't want to have to buy some first.

The places I've noted so far are Bertrand's Bistro, 1201 Kitchen and Rum Runners Cove (partly for the waterside location). I'd appreciate any thought about these (both food and atmosphere) or any other spots you may like. And if we need to make a reservation or could call at the last minute and probably find a spot.

I'd note that we are from Brooklyn, so none of the prices shock me (though i'm always happy with a bargain), and we have no problem walking a bit from the hotel-I'd rather not get back in the car after we stop for the day, so somewhere within a reasonable walk is needed.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  1. Whenever I head up to Erie for a day at the beach, I always go right across the street from the Sheraton to Smuggler's Wharf. It's a casual joint with good food (especially the lake perch) and it has a nice outside eating area. I am a wine drinker myself, but cannot comment on the selection as I always drink the local Mad Anthony's on tap. There may be some better places, but this one is good and convenient.

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      I would second Smuggler's Wharf. It's not the best meal you will ever have, but pretty good and the location is very nice. Rum Runners is pretty much just a bar, but outdoor seating is nice and easy to walk to.

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        The Sheraton's restaurant is really good as well and does have outdoor seating. Rum Runners Cove is much nicer than Rum Runners and has good food. Not a fan of Smuggler's Wharf though.

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          I stand corrected on Rum Runners...Got the two mixed up!

    2. Thanks-it's good to know there is a nearby option, especially considering how hot it's been.

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        I had thought to walk by some of the other spots I'd asked about but our car lost it's air-conditioning in Eastern PA, so by the time we arrived it was late and we were hot and tired.
        Smuggler's Wharf had an outdoor table in the breezy night and a few Molson's re-adjusted our moods. I'd agree with Burghfeeder-pretty good (shrimp and perch) and watching the sun set over the lake adds considerably to the value.

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          I'm glad you enjoyed. After a long day, I'd rather have "pretty good" and relaxing over fancy anyway.