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Jul 4, 2012 03:54 PM

We need a place to take our 10 year old nephew to lunch in the Union Square area.

Our nephew is a foodie who watches the Food Network. We plan on going to Traces after lunch on a Sunday. Any recommendations?

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  1. Just Food Network or does he also watch Bravo and Top Chef? Tom Colicchio has a restaurant nearby that might work (Craftbar) as does Jean Georges (ABC Kitchen).

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      As ever, Kathryn's ideas are wonderful. for slightly more downscale, but still delicious -- and food network-like in a michael symon/guy fieri (as much as i hate to mention them in the same sentence) fashion -- dining, you could try hill country or hill country chicken. they're both a few blocks north, but not all that bad a walk in nice weather.

    2. BLT Fish is good for a 10 year old, so is Republic

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        Thanks to all for the suggestions. Kathryn, he assures me that he watches both Bravo and Top Chef! After reviewing many a menu he has settled in on Shake Shack and Hill Country Chicken.