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Jul 4, 2012 03:50 PM

Impulse Hibachi - White Plains

I walked past Impulse Hibachi in White Plains yesterday and the place is closed up tight. A sign in the window says Closed as of july 1, 2012 until further notice. Doesn't sound very promising. They weren't around very long. It took them longer to build and open the place then it did to stay open.

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    1. re: ChuckC

      Yup. They're quality was going downhill, and you could tell.

      1. re: liza219

        There is either a Chinese or Japanese restaurant going in across the street from Iron Tomato where the old video store was. I live in White Plains and it's a revolving door or restaurant openings and closings. We need more diversity. There has to be more then Asian restaurants and pubs.

        1. re: kaaaassss

          Or at least more than Asian fusion places. Wouldn't mind if another top-notch Chinese restaurant moved in. Maybe a real good Thai, Vietnamese or Korean joint? How about a good Japanese ramen or izakaya place?

          As long as it's not another chain, like the Pancheros that's opening up across from the City Center.

          1. re: kdgchow

            I agree. How about vietnanese? I like the idea of high end chinese? There are way too many fast food ones around here. Spanish would be nice, too. Or maybe sonething iffering different game! Kangaroo, ostrich, goat are pretty are pretty hot now.

            1. re: liza219

              Is china white in purchase & greenwich to hi-end for you?

              1. re: cubanat

                No, but I live in downtown WP, so it would be nice to have somewhere close, where I can walk.

            2. re: kdgchow

              I just saw the sign today for Pancheros opening beside Energy Kitchen. Haven't heard of that chain until today. It'll take a while before the Chipotle in White Plains opens up (no building yet!), so I'd like to see if this is worthwhile alternative.

              I'd also like to see a Vietnamese place open up. I think Noodle+ has the only pho in White Plains.

              1. re: djca

                There is a Mexican restaurant opening on the corner of Mamaroneck and Post Road called Lolas. It's where the old FedEx office was.