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Jul 4, 2012 03:39 PM

Help Needed Gastro Challenged Traveler in Barcelona

My husband and daughter have just arrived in Barcelona from Madrid. My daughter is having some stomach issues and I would really appreciate some suggestions for where they can go for light fare in a relaxed atmosphere.

She is a meat eater and really has an aversion to seafood...their eating adventures have not fared well so far. Thank you for any help you can give us.

There are staying at the Claris Hotel.



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  1. hi, what about Kiosko burger or Bacoa burger or Taller de Tapas? The latter is easy to order in and a varied menu. All have websites so you can check the menus out. Cuiness Santa Caterina for lunch might work as the menu is quite varied too. Hope they find something that suits.

    1. All the tapas bars will have a wide choice of meat options. Tapas are always in small plates, so you won't have problem eating light.
      A good start is Cerveceria Catalana, a mere 6-minute walk from your hotel.
      While your daughter finds her food-comfort-zone, you can have a great time tasting goodies like almejas and cipirones. Don't waste your Barcelona trip sacrificing your dining experience for the palette-challenged loved ones.

      1. @RBS

        Don't know if you are still looking, but I've enjoyed eating roast chicken in Barcelona, which is popular with the locals and often served quite simply with roasted or fried potatoes.

        One of these locations might work for you, where you can even get it to go:


        The OP didn't say her daughter was "palette-challenged." She described a loved one with an upset stomach. I'd be happy to eat with anyone anywhere that made them feel better, even if it I wanted something different. Foodie sensation isn't everything to everybody.

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          Thank you @Parigi and barberinibee for responding. My DH and DD are back in New York. I will share what they specifically enjoyed when I see my husband in a few days. I know they went to Kiosko Burger and had a good inexpensive meal there. Part of the issue I think is that my daughter has Celiac Disease and with eating tapas just had too much gluten and she finally just became ill. Again, thank you so much for responding and I agree, a roast chicken is the best anywhere!

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            Excuse me for misunderstanding the words "gastro challenged" in your title.