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Jul 4, 2012 03:37 PM

breakfast in Richmond, VA

Looking for a good breakfast place (no chain I guess), near Short Pump...Broad and 64, out that way.

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      1. re: rcburli

        :-( I had not heard that. I live in another part of town and so had not been there in a couple of years but back in the day, they had a very good breakfast and lunch.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          So far looking at Cupertino's NY Bagels or Mimi's.

          1. re: rcburli

            Have not been to Mimi's but like the bagels from Cupertino's.

    1. Your choices that far west are going to be very limited. There's a Cracker Barrel, Golden Corral, and Panera all somewhat near there, but no place that isn't a chain. All of the aforementioned are east of you.

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      1. re: nyctripper

        2 places I would hit in that area -

        1st is Boychicks - never been for b reanfast before but the prices are very reasonable.

        2nd is Satterwhites - a bit further west, past 288 in Goochland. I haven't eaten there in years though. I dont get out for breakfast much. I had been to Jimmy's and am sad it is closed.

      2. Baker's Crust in Short Pump Town Center opens for breakfast @ 9:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. They serve a nice selection of omelets, several variations on Eggs Benedict, and other items. Here's a link to their menu:

        1. Same location as Jimmy's is now Jerry's Restaurant. It's very good and people are great!