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Jul 4, 2012 03:19 PM

Favorite takes at Savory Spice Shop ??

I'm pretty thrilled this place has opened up another location closer to my digs in the Arboretum. I have a solid addiction to the Mt. Eolus greek blend for grilling chicken parts. A little jar for 3 bucks will last a few months and that's perfect, keeps me into fresh spices without having to buy the 12 ingredients and watch them oxidize and go flavorless in my cabinet.

Anyone have other standout recommendations / uses for any of these?

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  1. Do they make these blends in store. I am looking for a good spice shop and haven't found one locally so I still order from the one in Seattle.

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      Yep, for most or all, they grind and blend in house. This is the freshest selection of dried herbs and ground spices going in Austin. I love this store. The flavor compounds in spices are typically fat soluble and leach out of plastic containers (because its oil based). This shop stores in glass, which is impenetrable to these substances.

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        I will definitely give this place a try. I have been looking for a good smoked Paprika ever since moving back to Austin. The closest I have found was at Fiesta.

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          when you do let us know how it is, i haven't hit the paprikas there yet.

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            Made a trip out Savory Spice Shop. Love the store. The staff is very helpful. We bought:
            a half ounce of the Smoked Spanish Paprika, Hot
            and 1oz. each
            Renaissance Gardens Seasoning- we did not enjoy this made into a dip. Will try it on some fish next.
            Native Texan BBQ Rub
            Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning
            Tandoori Seasoning.
            Paprika, Smoked Spanish, Sweet

            For comparison,I ordered some Smoked Paprika from my usual place. The paprika from there has a darker color and a smokier aroma.

            Overall Savory Spice Shop is a winner in my book.

    2. In anticipation of catching some great fish on our vacation to the Bahamas, I went in and got 1 oz each:

      Jamaican Jerk Seasoning - good, a little spicy, but not as good as the stuff from Sunny Caribee
      Pearl St. Plank Rub - great smoky, little sweet, just a little bite of heat
      Hidden Cove Lemon Garlic Blend - above average lemon pepper blend
      Colorado Plateau Citrus Pepper - super citrus and kick (l loved it, hubs didn't)
      Barrier Reef Seasoning - loved this one on the trigger fish, lots of complex flavors

      Staff there is VERY excited about their product and are happy to have you try everything. Warning - it can get to be flavor overload, but there's water and usually something to eat to help.

      I spent less than $20 and had a great time.

      1. I recommend the aleppo crushed red pepper...start off using it on pizza instead of regular red pepper and soon you'll be using it on lots of other's not as hot as red pepper and adds a richness and depth of flavor

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          I go there quite regularly. Karen the owner is amazing! Each time she takes the time to show different things. One of my favorites for pizza is the Urfa pepper. I use it in/ on most everything now

        2. Awesome! I keep on meaning to stop in there when I go to Con Olio, but I didn't know anything about them, nor did I know anyone who shopped there. Glad to hear it's awesome! I may check them out instead of hitting the bulk section of Central Market.

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            The people @ C.O. were off-putting and rude iespecially after such a warm reception next door

            1. re: amysuehere

              Wow, really? I've not had that experience the few times I've been there. oO;; How strange.

          2. Their dried jalapeno flakes are regularly used in our kitchen. Deceptively hot!