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Jul 4, 2012 03:06 PM

Best Coffee Shop Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Old-school style, just shrimp, celery, mayo. Nothing new-fangled or artsy. I know and love Eisenberg's, but was wondering if fellow Hounds knew any other good Manhattan specimens...

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  1. I will try to think of a place,,, i love shrimp salad,,, but most places use those tiny frozen and refrozen tasteless little shrimp,,that i have to do some thinking ,,in the meantime,,it's not a diner and its not new fangled,,, Luke's lobster Roll has shrimp rolls ,that basically are old fashioned shrimp salad ,,not bad at all.

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Sables on 2nd Ave and 77th Street! My go to place for shrimp, crab or lobster salad. I purchase and eat in their cafe next door. By no means fancy-but my favorite place for such!!

    2. The counter at Grand Central Oyster bar. But call ahead to see if they have a shrimp salad sandwich. They most always have a very good fried shrimp sandwich. And at times a good crab salad sandwich. At times also good shrimp salad. The counter is the only way to go at the GCOB.

      1. Lobster salad too, if anyone knows of any. I know it's super expensive, but I love it. I usually end up making do with the langoustine salad at Zabar's, though.

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          My preference for lobster salad is Luke's as well. Just as with their shrimp salad, there's just enough mayo to moisten without being too heavy.

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            The lobster salad at Costco is very good, with huge pieces of claw meat on top as decoration, and not super expensive...the shrimp salad is my favorite of anywhere and is, I believe, $6.99 a pound.