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Jul 4, 2012 03:04 PM

Have I made some good choices for restaurants in Berlin?

Myself and the other half will be visiting Berlin for the first item next week. I have had a quick scan of the net and guide books and the following seem decent, but not too expensive. Any hints or tips on which ones are well worth a visit and which ones to avoid would be much appreciated. Plus if any need advance bookings of more than a couple of days please let me know so I can start getting booking now!


Bandol sue mer
Zur Letzten Instanz
Zille – stube
Brauhaus mitte
Monsieur vuong
Nord Sud
Restaurant Hackescher Hof

Café brel

La Cocotte
Maultaschen Manufaktur
Lavaderia vecchia
Café Jacques

Prenzauler berg

Trattoria Paparazzi


Schwarzer Hahn


.wirtshaus zum mitterhofer

renger patzsch

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  1. Mitte

    Bandol sur mer -- go to 3 minutes instead (it's right next door, they have more outdoor seating and less attitude (even though it's the same owners)

    Zur Letzten Instanz (tourist trap, not worth it)
    Emmas (never heard of it)
    Zille – stube (tourist trap)
    Brauhaus mitte (go to brauerei lemke instead)
    Schwarwaldstuben (go to the beisl am tacheles instead)
    Monsieur vuong (solid vietnamese)
    Nord Sud (you already have a french place with 3 minutes, i'd kick this one out)
    Restaurant Hackescher Hof (tourist trap, decent coffee tho)

    Jolesch & Mitterhofer are both in Kreuzberg, not Charlottenburg. They're also both Austrian, so I'd choose one. They are both very good, with Mitterhofer being the better deal.

    Café brel (ok bar, not sure why you've singled this one out?)

    Renger-Patzsch (always good)
    La Cocotte (another French place, cheaper than 3 minutes but it might depend on where in town you are staying)
    Maultaschen Manufaktur (decent Swabian)
    Lavaderia vecchia (never heard of it)
    Café Jacques (is in KREUZBERG, dec Mediterranean food, but not worth traveling)
    Aroma (much better pizza -- in fact, the best in town @Due Forni in Prenzlauer Berg

    Prenzlauer Berg
    Trattoria Paparazzi (decent pasta, not more, not less)

    Schwarzer Hahn (don't know it)

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    1. re: linguafood

      Many thanks for all the hints, are there any places that weren't listed above that you think are well worth going to?

      FYI Emmas sounded quite nice, website is here

      1. re: Adam_In_London

        Pantry / Friedrichstr. - Asian/Mediterranean fusion, very interesting menu.
        Katz Orange / Bergstr. - best fries (goose fat) in town and a lovely veal tartare.

        You've got a fairly long list there -- not sure how long you're staying, but it seems like you've got plenty to choose from.

        1. re: linguafood

          Had the pleasure of spending a little more than a week in Berlin--our first time and we loved it. As New Yorkers it feels familiar. We wanted to give something back since we used these Chow boards to find some great places to eat--so thanks to those of you that asked and answered.

          > Kreuzberg
          unknown Vietnamese restaurant at Zossener Straße 25 (lunch: bún and glass noodle salad)
          Solid, fresh and almost dirt cheap. We were fresh off the p;and and sleep deprived so we didn't write the name down.

          Lone Star
          (late night snack, assorted "Mexican" plate, not very good)

          Felix Austria
          (dinner: käsespätzle; Linz sausage loaf)
          We really enjoyed this meal.

          > Mitte
          Katz Orange
          (dinner: raw broccoli salad, pulled pork for 2, good cocktails; they take credit)
          One of the best meals we had. Really nice people there though it turned into a bit of a scene there at 10 pm.

          Brauhaus Georgbraeu
          (lunch: stuffed peppers, bratwurst plate, good beer
          )Very convenient to Museums island; decent but don't go out of your way.

          Hamburger Bahnhof cafe
          (snack: currywurst--I know, crazy, especially since we were staying a block from Konnopke's and couldn't manage to get there when they were open, but it was circumstantial. Such is life. The point is, don't bother with the Hamburger Bahnhof's currywurst unless you're on your third Museumspass day, starving at 4 pm, and unable to go further.


          > Prenzlauer Berg
          Rice Queen
          (dinner: chicken wings, lime fish, Sumatra chicken, yellow curry)
          Incredibly cheap, very tasty and they take credit.

          Si An
          (dinner: watermelon shake, kimchee, bún, phò-ish thing)
          very good, busy, beautiful flower arrangements, and they take credit

          Prater Garten
          (dinner: olives pretzels, pickle, lamb sausage, polish sausage, curry potato soup, fresh beer)
          Excellent, the best beer garden we visited. Loved the pretzels, soup and the polish sausage.

          > Schöneberg
          (dinner: I had the fixed menu--octopus salad; spring risotto; mascarpone mousse, at what I thought was a very reasonable €29--E had pork tenderloin; they take credit
          )One of the best meals we had.

          > Tiergarten/Zoo
          (snack: currywurst, bio beer
          )We really liked their currywurst.

          > Potsdam
          Cafe Heider
          (dinner: penne with chanterelles and cherry tomatoes, local beef sausage with kraut, etc)
          One of the best meals we had.

          > Dresden
          Watzke (sp?) beer garden
          Excellent all around--beer and food. Very few tourists since it takes a little (but not much!) extra effort to get there.

          1. re: lipcan3

            Sounds like you had a great time. Lone Star is pretty awful, sorry you ended up there.

            Katz Orange is one of my new favorites in Mitte -- the pulled pork is really a thing to behold (I'm actually working on a blog entry on this one), and RP never seems to disappoint.

            1. re: lipcan3

              We'll be going to Berlin in August and your reviews are really helpful - thanks. Glad to hear you had a good time!

              1. re: lipcan3

                linguafood, re: Lone Star...well, it was very late that night and not much else was open along that stretch of Bergmannstrasse...lesson learned!

                Osler, have a great time!