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Jul 4, 2012 01:44 PM

5 dinners in Vancouver

My wife and I are headed to vancouver in August and need some food recs. We are staying downtown and will have no car but are willing to use all public transport.

We enjoy seafood primarily, but would like Italian and American as well. We aren't really looking for fine dining since we will have our 7 year old with us, but we do enjoy very nice restaurants.

We would like to spend about $20 an entree for Italian, $30 for a seafood entree and $25 an entree at an American place. These are ballpark ranges and we would be willing to go up for a fantastic restaurant.

Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. For seafood, Yew Restaurant in the Four Seasons is pretty good and in the downtown

    Nook is not bad for casual Italian and Lupo is decent for a slightly more formal experience

    I have not eaten at Lupo for about a year so others may have more current information but I had a nice experience there.

    1. L'Abattoir - extremely delicious and well made food. A bit on the fancy side of plating.

      La Quercia - Italian, well priced and extremely delicious and would be impossible to book if it was in any other city.

      Seafood - sushi? Ajisai or Sushi Hachi (888 Odlin, Richmond)

      I think for Nook it would be better to dine at the sister restaurant, Tavola, just around the corner. I prefer Nook but it is smaller, louder and they do not take reservations.

      Lupo is great. The last two times I've been the waiters seemed as if they had just come from Italy the week before. The food is really well done.