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Jul 4, 2012 12:40 PM

Saucy Kytchen-South Mississauga

Saucy Kitchen-New spot that recently opened up in Mississauga on Lakeshore Road East (south side) just east of Cawthra. Seating for only a few but delivering up some excellent takeout veal and meatball sandwiches and similar fare. Highly recommend and a nice alternative to California's- this place is immaculately clean with an open kitchen concept-meatballs are homemade and all ingredients freshly prepared.

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  1. do you know if it related to saucy in streetsville?

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    1. re: ingloriouseater

      Not that I am aware of.
      The owner is a personable, young fella who aims to please.
      I am hoping others that find themselves in the south Mississauga/Etobicoke area place this location on their radar-he deserves our support-it is local for us and we shall be back!

    2. here is a picture of their menu for those interested in knowing what they offer, we plan on checking this place out this weekend.

      1. Just wondering if anyone has tried Saucy Kytchen? Been wanting to try it, although have been very turned off by the shill/clearly fake reviews online.

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        1. re: fryerlover

          Not sure who you are accusing of "shilling" but I can assure you that my comments are unbiased. You arent going out for fine dining-spend $8 and find out.

          1. re: Beermonger

            Sorry if you took that against you, I meant on another site that does reviews, specifically, Urban Spoon.
            It's not about the money for me, and seeing there are three similar places closer to me, I'd need a good reason to branch out. Also, when people associated or not associated with the restaurant do this stuff on review sites it turns me off giving them my money.....whether its $8 or $100.

            1. re: fryerlover

              Fair enough-I haven't seen those reviews but will look them up. I believe it is a youngish couple that own it-they took a chance and are putting out a quality product. I have had positive feedback from co-workers who have given them a try. I am not a fan of those who shill either BTW.

              1. re: Beermonger

                i agree a friend and i tried it some time ago and found it to be really good but unfortunately we have been unable to go back there for some time runs about the same price as california sandwhich and tastes about the same as well.

        2. there is a coupon deal on clipdeals..

          buy any sandwich for 5.99 with a pop until december 31st at the lakeshore and cawthra location.