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Maine - Bath, Brunswick, Boothbay area recommendation?

Seems there has been a lot of shifting of great chefs around from restaurant to restaurant in the Bath, Brunswick, Boothbay Harbor area based on messages from the last couple years on the boards. Where is great food in that area NOW? We are heading up there next weekend. Casual or more high end suggestions all welcome. Thanks

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  1. It's not "high end", but I had a fabulous wiener schnitzel, spatzle and sauerkraut at Richard's in Brunswick last week on Maine Street. Oh, and a super tasty, fresh Wurzburger draft beer. If you are looking for an alternative to seafood, German specialties are a decidedly unexpected choice, and I recommend it highly.

    1. Upscale in Brunswick=Clementine
      Upscale in Bath=Solo Bistro

      More casual "roadhouse" atmosphere... Montsweag Roadhouse Rte1, Woolwich
      Being a little more creative of late...Le Garage, Wiscasset

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        Ditto on Solo Bistro, but for my money (and taste!) the best restaurant in Brunswick has to be Trattoria Athena, with a spectacular mix of locally-sourced food with both Greek and Italian flavor sets. Also in B'wick, best Cal-Mex restaurant in Maine, El Camino, again largely using locally sourced ingredients.

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          Totally love Trattoria Athena...those guys are great...food, ambience, wine list, hospitality...I wish they were in Rockland!

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            Agree with Solo Bistro; it's a great neighborhood restaurant that's creative and manages to cater to both the locals and the tourist crowd.

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              We love Trattoria Athena, and are looking forward to trying their Sunday family fixe prix dinner--$30 per person. Food is great, service great, excellent house wine.

          2. If you are looking for the quintessential Maine experience try The Osprey in Georgetown Maine. http://robinhoodmarinecenter.com/ospr... It is worth the 10 minute drive from Bath.

            1. i went to Trattoria Athena last night. it was...truly exceptional. Everything came out hot, well prepared, organic and perfectly balanced. i am from Brooklyn and this place could easily compete in Park Slope.

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                I couldn't agree more. We ate there last year and it was unbelievable. Going back next week and can't wait. Rivals anything in Boston.

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                  Guess you haven't been to many good Italian restaurants in Boston !!!!!!!

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                    Actually, I have. I still think that Trattoria Athena is better than most of them.