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Jul 4, 2012 12:12 PM

College eats near Syracuse University

My son and I are visiting Syracuse University next week and would love to know where the kids eat nearby. I've seen threads for Syracuse in general, but want college hangout suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good food, not just cheap food please. Thanks

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  1. Phoebes is real nice close to the University.

    Most of the local restaurants for SU are on Marshall Street (M Street). They are about a block or two from the school. They are OK, but nothing special.

    Syracuse has many ethnic, barbecue, steakhouse and classic American restaurants, some a distance from the school.


    1. Faegan's, Varsity, Cosmos and King Davids on campus.
      Aunt Josie', Scotch and Sirloin, ichiban and Dinosaur BBQ off campus.

      And dont forget to try sal's birdland wings-order them swimming!

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        Aunt Josie's has closed.

        Armory Square downtown has a number of good restaurants.

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          Bummer. Not that it was the best place on earth, but it was a classic Syracuse joint.

      2. Funken Waffles is great for breakfast and lunch. Close to campus.
        Dinosaur BBQ too!

        1. My votes would be for Faegans (on campus/M street) and Dinosaur BBQ for lunch or dinner. Cosmos (also on M street) for breakfast. Been a while though!

          1. We like the Egg Plant for breakfast.

            I like Danzer's for lunch (German Food) and for dinner Coleman's (Irish), Pascal's (Continental), The Great Wall in Marcellus(Chinese) and Delmonico's, Saratoga Steaks, Scotch and Sirloin for steaks and Arid Evans and Kinloch for good old classic American.


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              Don't forget the Wescott Street area. This is just off campus, and has a very crunchy Bohemian feel to it. Some very good ethnic restaurants there, and frequented by the SU students. Try Alto Cinco for great mexican.

              Armory Square in downtown also has a large number of eateries, and is a huge destination for the students. Try the Blue Tusk for great beers on tap and gastropub sandwiches. Lemon Grass in Armory is excellent. Thai food with a bit of a french influence. The owner sources great ingredients, and quality is always superb.