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Jul 4, 2012 11:55 AM

Nutritional Yeast?

In my family, I am the crazy person to bring home a big can of nutritional yeast and say "DIG IN!" (after I have cooked something with it, of course). Everyone was afraid at first- ("nutritional yeast" doesn't have the most delicious ring to it) but they all thought differently after eating it in a recreation of the garlic-y kale salad from Whole Foods. As much as we love that salad, I can't make it every day- but I still have that giant jar of nutritional yeast. What should I do with it?

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  1. Sprinkle it on popcorn with butter and salt. This is my very favourite way to eat popcorn. Also, my dad used to stir it into his oatmeal. Not my thing, but he really seemed to like it.

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      I have tried nutritional yeast on popcorn, and it is really good that way. The oatmeal sounds interesting too, in a good way. Nutritional yeast has a kind of cheesy flavor, and with some herbs and garlic, it would make a good savory oatmeal dish. thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I like to top popcorn with it - usually olive oil or butter, nutritional yeast and paprika. This is probably 90% of my "nooch" consumption.

      Aside from that, it is good on pasta and for secret hints of savoriness in gravy and sauces. If you want to experiment with vegan cooking, most recipes for macaroni and "cheese", quiche, etc use nutritional yeast to provide a cheesy flavor.

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        Is yeast vegan? Those lil suckers might be tiny, but they are alive!

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          My vegan friends uses it in everything.

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            Alive isn't the problem, after all all plants are alive before being harvested for food. Vegans do not eat animals (or use animal derived products). Yeast are fungi, not animals so they're allowed in a vegan diet.

        2. Add it to any recipe that you want to give a cheesy flavor to. Use it as a seasoning (as you would salt and pepper) for any cooked vegetables, in soups, as topping for casseroles, on top of toast, eggs, pasta, ect, the options are endless. I often just usually set it on the table for any one to sprinkle on their dish.

          1. great in frittatas or quiches.

            pasta mixed with roasted garlic sauteed in olive oil or browned butter.

            mixed into or sprinkled on top of popover batter.

            good sprinkled on melon

            or on salad, esp caesar...

            1. I keep it around to make "végé pâté" - vegetarian sandwich spread, it's delish

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                Do you have a favorite recipe for "végé pâté"? I'd like to try it. Thanks!