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Jul 4, 2012 11:23 AM

dende oil

Where can I buy Brazilian dende oil in the "greater Lexington MA area"


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  1. msmouser some thoughts, but haven't looked for it a while (I only have a small amount left or would offer you some from my stash). Whole Foods did carry it usually as "red palm oil" so you could give the Bedford Whole Foods a shot but I don't shop there. There are a couple of Brazilian imports in small bottles, Faisca is one brand, but generally its available in the same small bottles as peppers and sauces (pepper, garlic) and sometimes stocked on the same shelf as those items particularly in supermarkets. In Woburn Center there is a Brazilian Butcher (Acogue) at 494 Main St, which would most likely have it. I think there maybe another store closer to the town square on that side of the street (and there was one South of the center on 38, but it closed). Demoula's carries Faisca stuff or an equivalent brand and the Woburn Market Basket has a good selection of Brazilian goods, but not 100% certain azeite de dende is carried by Demoula's without checking. So if you are willing to deal with on-street parking and hunting a bit, you should be able to find it somewhere in Woburn.

    Although its a bit further, if you want to be more certain Seabra on Somerville Ave just outside of Porter Square should have it, has off-street parking, and is not so far from Rt 2 (if they happen to be out, Casa de Carnes Solucao, Demoula's and Pao de Acucar market are further down Somerville Ave in Union Sq). This also takes you by the Fresh Pond Whole Foods where I have seen it before. BTW, you can buy it in larger quantities and cheaper in West African markets (in Brazilian cooking its a really specialty ingredient used specifically in Bahian regional cuisine), although not aware of one in that general direction.

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      Thank you so much for your detailed and generous response!!!!!!!