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Jul 4, 2012 10:28 AM

One Night in LA - Staying @ Farmer's Daughter

Hey Hounds. I'm staying at the Farmer's Daughter in a few weeks and would love to try some authentic asian or mexican cuisine - a style or execution that I can't get in NYC / east coast. I have a rental car and can travel, but prefer to stay relatively local. Price not a strong concern but don't want to blow past $100 either. I'll be dining solo.

I see Animal is nearby, but I've already done nose to tail and wonder if the scene is now more than the food?

Thanks for any recs!

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  1. Red Medicine is just down the street at Wishire a few blocks west of Fairfax.

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        +3 Red Medicine, Asian influenced.

        I went to Animal last night and didn't love any of the dishes I had: beef tendon chips, pig ears, chicken-fried sweetbreads. I did really like the pig tail there the previous time I was there, though.

    1. You should definitely hit Red Medicine for a nice dinner... but you can walk across the street to the Farmer's Market for lunch and get some of the best Mexican in town at Loteria. Get the tacos sampler and maybe some pozole and an agua fresca.

      Could also get a cinnamon bun at Bob's Donuts, an awesome burger at Short Order (or fab pastry at their Short Cake, downstairs), or something yummy across the street at Mendocino Farms.

      I am a huge Animal fan - and they have walk-in bar seating - but if you're not up for nose to tail, don't bother. Still it's some of the best eating in the city. Their sister restaurant, Son of A Gun (seafood bent) is also within walking distance of your hotel... as is Cooks County on Beverly. Both great, though I think SoaG is a little butter-heavy.

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        +1 for Son of A Gun (the seafood version of Animal). wonderful food. Loved their brandade with soft egg & the linguine and clams in the uni agllio-olio and maybe the best chicken sandwich I've ever had.

        also one great burger just down the street at Golden State.

      2. Animal is very good and walking distance or a very short bus ride. The scene is about the food.

        A lot of people like Red Medicine but I haven't had a good experience and most of the dishes make it difficult choice for a solo dinner.

        For non-New York Asian/Mexican your going to have to drive farther than you've described. Loteria at the farmer's market will do if you really, really need Mexican.