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Jul 4, 2012 09:53 AM

Cooking and Eating in Rome, Italy

Hi Chowhounders --

I will be in Rome for the last week of August and the first few days of September, and thought it might be fun to take a cooking class there. Anybody have any leads? Also, how about suggestions for restaurants -- especially ones that remain open in August, when I understand many places close.



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  1. I really enjoyed a my class with Andrea Consoli in April (, but the classes fill up fast, so you need to move on this quickly.

    As for August closings, there is an active thread here:

    Be prepared for the heat this time of year. My first visit to Rome was at the same time, and it was ferociously hot--so much so that I wasn't really enamored of Rome. (I've been back many times since then and have really come to love the city.)

    1. Hi Deborah,
      There are a few people who do day long cooking classes with market visits:



      I'm not sure if either of them will be around at the end of August, but you should certainly check. Another alternative is to contact Italy Hotline:
      Since they organize classes with a variety of cooks, they will probably be able to find you something.

      And if you are interested in doing a wine class, Vino Roma does that:

      As far as August openings go, I would keep looking at Tavole Romane's Website. They usually do a round up of August openings. Here is theirs from last year:

      One thing you should make sure you do is visit the open air restaurant on the Tiber Island. Not sure exactly what day they close (beg of August) Il Bacco al Tevere is located right at the tip of the island, and has good food and is an AMAZING view of the river and ruined Roman bridge. A magical place to eat in the summer.

      Hope all this info helps!