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Jul 4, 2012 09:38 AM

Do you agree with concierge's recommendations in Old Montreal?

Hello! I posted before for suggestions for our 15th anniversary dinner and got some great ideas. I'm curious though since all of the searching I've done does not really include the places recommended by our hotel's concierge in Old Montreal. She recommended: Aix Cuisine du Terrior, Boris Bistro, Modavie and Taverne Gaspar. Curious why that list is so different from other recommendations on this site.

I've narrowed my list down to: Club Chasse et Peche, Les 400 Coups, Restaurant Holder, Garde Manger, Joe Beef, Brasserie T Terrace. I've seen DNA and APDC on the boards but still trying to figure out what those stand for!


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  1. I recommended Laloux on your other thread.

    DNA is now closed, it was an italian inspired resto in Old Montreal. APDC stands for Au Pied de Cochon, one of Montreal's most famous and appreciated eateries. It's mentioned time and time again on here and you'll find tons of info on you if you do a search.

    1. Well, Concierge are not "foodies" they will recommend relatively harmless restaurants that pleases all palates for every kind of clientele. They don't want to have people coming back to them saying the gave out bad suggestions.

      Aix is good (as far as I know), Boris bistro has a nice terrasse; don't know about the other 2 (but menus look pedantic).

      DNA closed recently. (the restaurant name was DNA).
      APdC is "Au Pied de Cochon".

      Your narrowed list is good.

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        Thanks for your replies. I did find APDC!! We're in Montreal for 3 nights and I'm having a tough time chosing!! I'm not a very adventurous eater so some of the menus are "scary" for me!! We have no idea what we're doing during the day. Will spend out first day in Old Montreal since we don't arrive until the afternoon. The other days we'll head out to explore other parts. I was last in Montreal for the Olympics in 1976 while I was in high school. I do want to go see where the Games were to see what I remember. Other than that, I'm only planning our food!! Thanks for your help.

      2. I worked many years at a hotel management company. Your concierge's recommendations were quite possibly due to receiving referral bonuses or some other such "rewards". Stick with the recommendations from the board. It has never steered me wrong :)

        1. Aix, Modavie, & Gaspar all belong to the same group that owns the Auberge du Vieux Port, Nelligan, and Place d'Armes Hotels so the concierge might be trying to keep it in the family. That being said, Aix and Gaspar are very decent places with large enough rooms that a concierge can get you in as opposed to smaller places like Garde Manger, Bremner or Kitchen Galerie Poisson.

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          1. re: eat2much

            Thanks again for the replies. I'm actually staying at the Auberge du Vieux Port so the recommendations now make sense!!

            Trying to make reservations. Joe Beef is entirely booked during my stay unless I want to eat at 9:30PM. There is availability at Les 400 Coups. Has anyone had lunch at Club Chasse et Peche? We will be there on a Friday so thinking that could be a good way to keep costs down a little since we're splurging on the hotel. Emailed APDC for their availability. Trying do go to a more romantic restaurant for our actual anniversary.

            1. re: freshstart19

              Lunch at Club Chasse et Peche is a great option if you don't want to do dinner there. They've got a great terrasse. If you want to get in to APDC, you're better off phoning than waiting for them to e-mail you back... And 9:30 (especially on a weekend) is going to be busy at any small popular restaurant, so it's not like you'd be the last ones there (although if you prefer eating earlier, then it might be a problem).

              1. re: cherylmtl

                Thanks, Cherylmtl! My husband wants to enjoy jazz one night so trying to fit that in. Right now, it's looking like Thurs night, Les 400 Coups. Friday lunch, Club Chassee et Peche; Friday dinner - Mondavie (unless I find someplace else with Jazz) and Saturday night; Garde Manger (I have to wait until tomorrow to get a reservation there.) Eating at 9:30 is way too late for me. I was hoping to catch the fireworks on Aug 3rd but my husband isn't crazy about that idea! I will still see if I can get a reservation at APDC and go from there.

                1. re: freshstart19

                  I wouldn't discount Boris Bistro. I've eaten there a few times over the last couple of years. There are some excellent things about Boris Bistro and a few negatives. To begin, the service is only so-so. I found that the wait staff are either composed of women from Paris or young women from Qu├ębec both of whom are very nice, but not incredibly efficient. I ate with friends from British Columbia and Alberta, and when they spoke English found that the staff understood, but had a hard time communicating in return. I would suggest that any restaurant striving to be excellent should have servers who are strong communicators. This is why Boris bistro is great, but not excellent.

                  Aside from communication problems, there are a number of truly great aspects. The menu, while a little pedantic, is nonetheless very strong. The Steak Tartare is very good. The drinks from the bar are well made and very tasty.

                  The best part is their terrace. It is amazing. Dining during a summer evening at Boris Bistro is wonderful. They don't drown the area out with music, but instead leave the low pitched hum of ambient conversations alone, which gives it's a nice, more relaxed feeling. If you're eating during it's busy period, the service is a little better paced, but still lacking.

                  If you're looking for a great meal and a nice area, I recommend Boris Bistro.

                  1. re: PhilTG84

                    Sorry to disagree, but much as I love the terrace at Boris, the food is truly mediocre at best. I would never recommend it for anything but drinks on the terrace. There is far better food to be found elsewhere in this city.

                    1. re: cherylmtl

                      I would agree that there are other, better, restaurants in the city; but for people on a visit, Boris Bistro offers a number of advantages-- it's in an area of town that they'll be in (they noted the Hotel is in Old MTL), it offers a fairly Montreal-esque bistro menu not common in other cities and does have an excellent terrace.

                      One of the things I've found with restaurant recommendations that people give to tourists are that they forget that people aren't from Montreal and don't know the city. They'll recommend some restaurant deep in the Mile End or out in the west end. I've had friends planning on hitting up places in the Mile End only to end-up somewhere third rate. I figure that keeping it simple is often the best plan. It sounds like I'm making tourists out to simpletons, but by the end of the day they're often tired and just want to eat. Having to hunt for a place or take a cab uptown just isn't in the cards.

                      1. re: PhilTG84

                        I'd opt for lunch on the roof of the Nelligan over Boris any day of the week and the view is far more spectacular.

                        1. re: PhilTG84

                          "it offers a fairly Montreal-esque bistro menu not common in other cities"

                          as local hounds, I think we Montrealers need to remember this. our taste for something new & different may not be what visitors are looking for. too many restos get overlooked for this reason, IMO.

                          1. re: C70

                            I agree having sent off people to bistro places like cinquieme peche and who were not impressed at all as not into that style of food. This is why often requests here are for places with good steak or seafood. What appeals to many of us does not always to outoftowners and frankly in summer a terrace in the evening does have appeal than traipsing across town for small crowded little restos in plateau etc.

                            1. re: mangoannie

                              Thank you all for your additional replies. Good point about eating dinner in Old Montreal. We don't intend on doing major amounts of sight seeing since it's our anniversary weekend and we just want to relax away from the kids:-) I did get a reservation at Garde Manger through Opentable at 3am this morning. 10 minutes later nothing was available. I was shocked!! The reservation is early which concerns me since we will not be able to stay for the evening. It's at 6:45PM. I'm going to post a separate question for after dinner ideas! Still working on the other ideas that I can use for lunch now. Thanks!

                          2. re: PhilTG84

                            I don't know about you, but when I travel, I search out good places to eat, not places that are close to my hotel and adequate. But that's just me. If someone is looking for bistro, and wants to stay in Old Montreal, they would be far better off at Holder than at Boris. I would never recommend a place to a visitor that I wouldn't happily go to myself. And I wouldn't return to Boris.

                            1. re: cherylmtl

                              Thanks, Cherylmtl. I really don't know what we're doing during the day. We may do a bicycle tour. I imagine we'll be eating lunch where ever we wind up, but would be in Old Montreal for dinner at least for 2 nights. Friday night is wide open. So, I'm thinking that night we will not be in Old Montreal. Need to figure out what restaurants are in the city vs. Old Montreal. I did try Joe Beef and they are booked. My husband doesn't want to go all out on eating expensive dinners everynight. so Friday looks like it will be very low key. I did make a Lunch reservation at Club Chassee but we may cancel if we do the bike tour or find a bike tour early evening. Thanks again for everyone's help here!