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Jul 4, 2012 09:33 AM

Hatteras Island

I am going to Hatteras Island, NC. I have never been there and need to know about the restaurants, fish markets, produce and meats that are available. I have seen posts for all of this in Nags head, but am wondering if there are any ideas for Hatteras (Salvo, NC)

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  1. I'm going to Frisco (same island on the OBX, I think). Haven't been there either. Also interested in recommendations. Checking this site ( and a few others), I see great reviews for Risky Business fish market and good ones for Connors Market, Orange Blossom Bakery and Hurricane Heathers, or Pop's Raw Bar (in Buxton). We probably won't go for much "fine dining" -- maybe one splurge. Does it make sense to save it for Ocracoke ( Back Porch or Dajio;s) or try out Cafe Pamlico or Diamond Shoals on Hatteras Island? All suggestions welcome.

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      If you find out anything, let me know.

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        We are visiting Salvo right now. We hit Orange Blossom this morning. Apparently they sell all sorts of baked good, but the real attraction is the humongous apple fritters. Which they call Apple Uglies. My Aunt and mother got there at about 9 and said there was a line out the door. They came home with the Uglies and they were so good. They close at 11 and only take cash.

        The only other place we've been to is the Sandbar restaurant and Grille. They were the first place to eat headed back after Ocracoke. They were packed and the food was sub-par. I'm not sure how to describe it, diner food? Like Sysco diner food. Huge portions. I got steamed shrimp with crappy french fries and a bowl of "butter." My kids had ribs with yet more crappy french fries and steamed mixed veg. The nachos were the worst I’ve ever had! EVER!

        For groceries there is a Harris Teeters and like 10 Food Lions. There is also a smaller independently owned market called Village Market. I prefer independently owned shops so I stopped there. I liked it, but it is small. I’d already been to Harris Teeters which is much further away, so I didn’t have a big list. I did notice they had a lot of gluten free stuff. That’s pretty cool I thought.

        Gosh, what I am really looking for is home made fudge! Does no one really make fudge anymore? All the fudge shops claim, "We use our own cream and butter" or "We Make Our Own." All that means is they *mix* it there. I want real actual fudge! We’ve tasted a few, but no one so far makes it from scratch. I shall report back if we find the real thing.  Also everyone seems to sell Hershey’s ice cream and salt water taffy. In other words no one makes anything. I really see no point in buying food, marked up, that isn’t even made here. I mean, I live in PA, I’m not coming here to buy anything from Hershey’s.

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          In Ocracoke I can recommend the homemade ice cream by Country Folks. My post last year,

      2. Kicking this back up, will be there next mounth and wanted to know if there is anything new to know.

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          We ended up cooking a lot because the restaurants don't take reservations and unless you eat at 5:00 or 9:00 you wait in line for a while. We got fresh fish I believe at risky business. We got produce from a farm stand near risky business and from the grocery store in town. We went to a great sandwich place on the sound side that made their own pickles and everything was fresh but I can't remember the name. Maybe someone else will. You can eat outside and it only had counter service.