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Jul 4, 2012 09:24 AM

Lunch in Memphis with a 24 foot trailer? What are my options?

In about 3 weeks, I will be passing through Memphis with an 8.5x24 foot trailer so, heavy urban traffic and parking are a concern. I really want something other then the Iron Skillet at the truckstop this time. Some classic Memphis BBQ is what I have a hankering for but, I don't know where I can go with this trailer for the good stuff.

I'm open to other lunch options as well but, Mexican and Tex-Mex is something I see a lot in Texas, NM, and Arizona so I'm not real interested in those.

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  1. The default answer is often Cracker Barrell. Go to their website for specific locations and the availability at those locations of drive through parking for large trailers, motor homes, etc. They seem to be the one chain that appreciates that not all vehicles with hungry drivers have only four wheels.

    When we moved ourselves back to Tennessee in four increments, Cracker Barrel was the answer for safe, secure parking well lighted etc. As well as dependable food. And rocking chairs to relax before a meal.

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      Another option is WalMart which has historically invited trailer parking in their lots. Sam traveled to all his locations in a trailer. Park there and venture out with public transportation.

      1. re: Brawny

        Do you really want to recommend leaving all the OP's belongings in a trailer unattended? And the restaurants in Walmart are often McDonalds. At least on this end of the state.

        1. re: shallots

          An unattended trailer is just as vulnerable at Cracker Barrel as WalMart. Actually, there is more security, both video and in person at a WalMart. WalMart has cameras and personnel EVERYWHERE.

          I would drive on to Knoxville and stop at the Turkey Creek WalMart Super Center. (Located at I-40, Campbell Station Exit 374) There is plenty of parking and you can WALK to at least 30 restaurants ranging from Subway to Conner's Steakhouse or even Fleming's Steakhouse.

          1. re: Brawny

            An enclosed trailer for lunch in a public space is about as good as it gets.

            Memphis is pretty rough in some areas so, I definitely want to avoid those. I'm also not planning to overnight and sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

            I'm hoping to find someplace "reasonable" that has an area to park with a trailer that isn't in the roughest crime ridden area of Memphis.

            I guess I could always do fast food and avoid the whole issue of crime and parking but, I don't want to let the fear of theft prevent me from enjoying life and opportunities that present themselves along the way.

      2. re: shallots

        I'm really trying to avoid the chains and would like to find something good and local. The Iron Skillet at the Truckstop is pretty darn good and beats McDonald's, Burger King, etc.

        Memphis seems like a great place for Fried Chicken or BBQ that can't be sampled out West. Chains while good, aren't really special or unique in most cases so, I can always choose them anywhere CONUS. I'm really looking for a local regional option.

      3. If you are from Texas then I assume that you'll be driving east bound on I-40 and headed towards Nashville. Is that right? I want to suggest something convenient for your route.

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        1. re: Ross B

          I will be on 72 rolling through Corinth, MS into Memphis and on the Interstate to Little Rock, AR.

          1. re: Sid Post

            The specialty of Corinth is Slug Burgers, so named because they used to cost 5cents (a slug).
            There's one on the east side of Corinth on 72 that is a slug burger place with local sides. An old building, but with some businesses around it where you could pull through a vehicle and trailer. (We ate there in April and it was good value for the money.)

            Slugburger Cafe, 3000 Highway 72E Corinth MS 38824.

            1. re: Sid Post

              Based on your situation and route, I would recommend that you consider Cozy Corner for the following reasons:

              1. It has really good BBQ

              2. It's at the end cap of an otherwise empty shopping center so there is plenty of room to park a trailer.

              3. It's in Downown Memphis not far from the interstate.and about a mile from the I-40 Mississippi River bridge. It will be easy access for you coming from 72 and then getting back on the interstate to head to Little Rock.

              Heads up...they are closed on Sunday. Most (but not all) Memphis BBQ joints are closed on Sunday.

          2. Cozy Corner is not far off of 40 east, is one of the best, and has a big parking lot next door. I think that would probably be do-able.

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            1. re: bulldogx2

              Cozy Corner would be my first thought as well, simply because it is great, near the highway and has plenty of parking. Try the ribs and/or Cornish Hen.