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Jul 4, 2012 08:38 AM

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

A lot of deps sell these individually, but does anyone know of anywhere I could buy them in boxes in Montreal?

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  1. I'm interested as well. Maybe we can email them and ask.

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    1. re: hungryann

      I always buy them at Loblaws Angus (Rachel/Frontenac)

      I'm addicted to these!

    2. I've emailed and still waiting for a reply. Can anyone mention a few deps that carry them? Now that i'm looking for them, I can't find them anywhere. I'd especially appreciate deps in cote des Neiges/Snowdon/ville St-Laurent or west Island.

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      1. re: hungryann

        I should keep tabs on the places I see them. I'll see them around and then forget when I'm really craving one. The souvenir shop in the AMC movie theatre building (vieux forum) has them. Sorry I don't really know about CDN etc.

        Let me know when you get a response!

        1. re: mainsqueeze

          They told me that the Loblaws in VSL and Ahuntsic carry them. I checked both stores and could not find them. The email wasn't very helpful actually. On a french blog site, a blogger said she found them at Chez Avril and Adonis. I will check when I get a chance.

        2. re: hungryann

          there's a freezer devoted to them at 5 saisons

          1. re: catroast

            oh wow! thanks! The dude that answered my email would not give me the complete list of retailers in Montreal even though I told him I was willing to travel anywhere in the greater Montreal area! He insisted I give him my postal code and just gave me the two closest locations.

            1. re: catroast

              In Outremont? Do they have the in boxes or just individual bars?

              1. re: mainsqueeze

                i'm sure you could buy a box if you so choose

              2. re: catroast

                Went by this evening and stocked up. They have a small freezer by the cash registers selling them individually and they have the 4packs in the regular freezers. If anyone spots them elsewhere (either individually or in boxes), please let us know. I'd like to try the different flavors available.

                1. re: hungryann

                  I think I saw them last at the Indian Express restaurant/bakery on Somerled and Cumberland. The last time I was there they were in a freezer by the wall. The address is: 6579 Somerled near corner of Cumberland. North side of Somerled. Let us know.

                  1. re: hungryann

                    What flavours were available at 5 saisons?

                    1. re: mainsqueeze

                      4 packs: pineapple, strawberry, lime, coconut
                      individual: raspberry, strawberry-banana, strawberry-chocolate, caribbean mix

                      The lime in the 4 packs are white whereas the individual ones you buy are lime-green. Weird, huh? I also noticed the ones in the 4 paks are about 25% smaller.

                      I'm still looking for a few other flavors including lemon, orange, strawberry lemonade and raspberry lemonade.

                      1. re: hungryann

                        My favourites are the coconut, the pineapple, and the pina colada.

                        I'd love to try the strawberry colada, the lemon, and the banana cream and coconut cream.

              3. on sale for under $5 per box, all flavors, no pina colada

                iga on cote st luc

                1. This question is from a long time ago.. but you can check the store locator at their website if you're still looking:

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                  1. re: rebecca2010

                    It only works for the US. Apparently there is a Sam's Club in Plattsburgh that carries them.

                    1. re: EaterBob

                      Do they have milk or cream in them?

                      1. re: williej

                        Why are you asking me? if you click on the link they list all the ingredients and nutritional information you are likely to need.

                          1. re: catroast

                            Actually, some of them do. It's best to read the labels.

                            1. re: SnackHappy

                              which one has dairy? i've only seen coconut milk in the ingrendients

                              1. re: catroast

                                The coconut flavour has skim milk and whey in it, there's a chocolate yogourt one, and there are flavours with cream, but I haven't yet seen those in Montreal.

                                1. re: SnackHappy

                                  Thanks. Straight yogurt is ok, but adding milk after the yogurt has been put in is a no no. I will look for these next time I am by five seasons.

                                  1. re: SnackHappy

                                    that's so weird because the pina colada has no milk!

                            2. re: williej

                              The new Strawberry Cream ones (in the Sam's pacjkages) do, but the rest don't, though some have coconut milk.

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