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Jul 4, 2012 08:37 AM

Good Vegetarian Restaurants in Downtown core?

I'm looking for a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant to go to this Friday night. I remember seeing one on Queen West a few months ago...but are there any you guys would recommend that aren't too pricey?

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  1. Le Commensal at Bay and Elm is good but it can get pricey since items are sold by weight.

    Other suggestions were made here:

    1. I highly recommend King's Cafe.

      They have several restaurants across Ontario and I've been to 3 of them. All of them have been great in quality and service. They're incredibly yummy and you can go vegetarian or vegan. I highly recommend the soy nuggets, seitan platter, crispy soy fritters, all of the dim sum, the pan fried dumpling (it's pretty big!), Enoki Mushroom Balls, Teriyaki Mushroom Cutlets, Spicy Eggplant, Fried Bean-Curd and Veggies, Kung Po Soy-Fritters, Veggie Fish with Black Bean Sauce, Soy-Fritters with Mango, Veggie-Duck with Plum Sauce, and Lo Han Chai Chow Mien. The combos are a good deal as well.

      1. Sorry to the commenter below, but Le Commensal is basically a cafeteria that is pay by weight and a bunch of bland dishes with gelatinous sauces. Kings Cafe is fine, and relatively cheap but I find the huge menu hit and miss. Sometimes the dishes have very little vegetables are I find them heavy on salt.

        Cafe 668 on Dundas, IMHO is much better. The Coconut fried rice is one of my favourite dishes in the city.

        If you don't want asian and are looking casual, Hogtown Vegan does comfort food vegan style. Burgers, inventive sandwiches, etc. Not healthy but super filling and a good variety. It's at Bloor and Shaw.

        On the healthier side you have Fresh (pretty no frills and getting to be pricier) and Fressen (much more upscale and pricier). Fressen is a much better experience than Fresh and they've added some great cocktails to their menu as well.

        1. Woodlot and 93 Harbord have good vegetarian options.

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            Thank you for two great choices, fickle !
            In my experience, Le Commensal has mealy, limp food; Fressen has haughty, shoddy service and Cafe 668 has both of the above plus a staff member who thought it was a good idea to clean the floors with some foul-smelling solvent while there were still patrons eating their food.
            On the other hand, it depends on the kind of experience the OP wants.
            Sadie's Diner at Adelaide and Portland is completely vegetarian and easily vegan, they have great service, good coffee plus the best tofu club sandwich around.
            ChaLau at Yonge two blocks north of College has loads of delicious vegetarian dim sum options, outstanding service and a beautiful new space.
            Neither of these is too pricey.

            1. re: b.craftie

              Le Commensal is overpriced and the food is just barely lukewarm, though some of it is tasty. I have to say I did not enjoy my experience at Sadie's Diner. Very grungy and somewhat uncomfortable. But, environment aside, the food was just ok. Alas, we didn't have the tofu club sandwich. Maybe we should have. What we did have was a server who assured us it was good we came in on the particular night we did, as the cook that was on staff that night still has a love of cooking, unlike the cook on other nights, whose food is nowhere near as good. Everything we had was edible and reasonably tasty (though maybe not much better than what we have had at Le Commensal, alas), but if that's what the good cook can do, then I'd hate to go there when the other one's on shift.

          2. Agree that Le Commensal is horrible. You should try Hogtown Vegan at least once, like said above, not healthy but delicious.

            I'm also a big fan of the tofu tropical wrap at Huw's at Yonge and Bloor.