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Recommended Takeout in Markham and Richmond Hill?

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Can you all suggest some great food choices and places for takeout in these areas?

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  1. Indian Food from either Bombay Chutney ( Bayview & Major Mac ) or Bombay Bheel ( Hwy7 ) or Chauhan's ( 323 Denison )
    Chinese B-B-Q from ' Most Excellent ' inside Richlane Mall
    Shawarma from Rifca and Falefel from Big Joe's.
    Pizza from Nonna's on Elgin Mills and Leslie
    Chinese fried noodles and rice from Richmond Court, Times Square
    S.E Asian ( Malaysian ) food from Restoran Malaysia or Lenon Grass inside Richlane Mall
    Thai food from Thai Basil on Major Mac. and Bayviiew.
    Portuguese B-B-Q from Red Rooster ( Bathurst and Major Mac )
    Persian Kabobs from place on Weldrick and Yonge next to Korean Restaurant Karzan ( forgot name )

    A visit to the food court inside ' First Markham Place '!

    BTW, where are you from?!

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      BTW, ALL the good Chinese restaurants in the area like O'Mei, Emperor, Judy's Cuisine, John's B-B-Q....provide take-out service. However, need to be careful with what you order since condensation inside the containers might spoil the food. Especially the deep fried and 'wok-hay' dishes!

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        Thanks for all the suggestions Charles! Would like to hear from others as well...

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          These ones are in Markham. For Chinese, we go to Brilliant (Kennedy & Denison). You can choose 4 dishes from a takeout menu of 50 items or so. Comes with rice and soup for about $36. More expensive than your average food court but much better food. We love the eggplant with tofu dish.
          Another one is Babu - McCowan & BurOak. Fresh naan, lamprie, butter chicken. Then we go next door to Tastee (?) to get Jamaican patties to go.

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        Persian place is called "Taftan". Give Akbar Joojeh a try which is south of 7 off Yonge.

        Chef Burger (7/Yonge) is not bad, the tongue sandwiches are good especially if you mix it with brain :D...yum

        Akabane Sushi is pretty good at their price point.

      3. I like getting some Chirarshi from Inatei if you are looking for sushi. (Hwy 7/Leslie)

        Pizza is also good at Abruzzo (Yonge/Hwy 7)

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          Any recommendations for Korean and Taiwanese cuisine?

        2. Thats italian express on Richmond Hill. Finally an authentic Italian Restaurant owned by Italians and cooked by Italians on Yonge Street.

          I would eat here every day if my wife would let me! They have delivery, takeout amd a small dining room.

          1. OK, I'll probably have to turn in my Chowhound decoder ring, but:

            If you occasionally enjoy old-fashioned "Canadian Chinese" food, you can't go wrong with Golden Hoy (Yonge, just north of Major Mac) 'dinner for four'. You get (for $29 cash/pickup, $33 delivery):
            Deep fried chicken wings - crunchy, simple, good
            4 Egg rolls - bland, but like the ones you had as a kid
            Beef w/ vegetable & almond - Standard, but nicely done
            Chicken fried rice - standard
            S&S Chicken balls - just like you had as a kid with the neon-glow S&S sauce
            Chicken chow mein - meh, but we always substitute their very good Cantonese chow mein instead ($6 extra)

            This is way more food than our family of 3 adults, 2 teens can finish. I recommend pickup if possible, because the faster you get to the egg rolls, the better they are.

            It's NOT O-Mei or any other high quality RH joint, but for an occasional indulgence on a busy Friday night, we quite enjoy it.