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Jul 3, 2012 01:34 AM

Iroha and other ramen shops [split from LA]

Can't keep up with this ramen revolution in LA. Here's rameniac's take on Iroha's transportable version:

I'm currently in Japan, and the amount of food - really good food - is crazy amazing. Ramen? I think rameniac has a whole lifetime ahead of him covering this category with room to spare...

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  1. I am originally from Northern California, but have lived in Japan since 1977. Bulavinaka is certainly right about food here being truly amazing. Plus, there is incredible variety that Japanese places in California can only scratch the surface, at best. Really knowing ramen here would take years...

    1. Yeah I think it's a great thing, while I know we probably won't ever reach the greatness they have in Japan I'll settle for a good variety here with enough good joints that don't require driving far for everyone.

      1. Looking forward to your report, presumably on the Japan Chow site.

        1. Is this supposed to be a thread about this one ramen shop in Toyama? Because Toyama is kind of out of the way, and there are literally tens of thousands of ramen shops in Japan, and only a few dozen chowhounds, so the chances of anyone here having been there are pretty tiny....

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            It is a chain though, and they had a branch in the Ramen Kokugikan at Odaiba Aqua City a few years ago. It was very good. There appears to be one in Ikebukero and one in Ebina now.

            Not to digress but I was never much for those prepackaged ones, although there were a couple OK ones over the years. Omochikaeri from Rokurinsha or an online order from is what you want.

          2. This is my post which was split off from the LA board. Menya Iroha is a Japan-based ramen chain (obviously :)) which appears to be testing the waters in the Los Angeles area. Here's the OP from the LA board:


            There's some growing buzz about this ramen shop in LA because evidently they've won some ramen competitions (I personally know nothing about the level or legitimacy of the comp or rankings) and the dark almost black shoyu broth is very unusual.

            I posted ramenic's take on the take-away version since many in LA are familiar with him, and we really have no baseline to work with.

            I am currently in Japan for a short trip and happened to be in Kyoto at the time of this OP. I took a trip to the main train station and headed up to the "ramen floor" to give Menya Iroha a try and posted my initial thoughts, hoping to add more baseline info for the LA hounds.