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Jul 4, 2012 05:50 AM

Moved yet again...This time Marblehead

Hi hounds finally found a place to settle and need help with all things chow worthy.We are in Marblehead close to the Swampscott line. Looking for help in every aspect of chow. The only place we have been is Red Rock Bistro ( always great for us..full disclaimer we are friendly with the owners daughter) and Whole Foods. Looking for everything from take out pizza to fish markets to higher end to bakeries etc....Thanks

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  1. 62onTheWharf in Salem always gets a lot of well deserved love here.

    In Lynn 2 standouts are The Antique Table and the Blue Ox

    1. We love Jack Tar in Marblehead.

      1. Welcome to the North Shore. Here are a few suggestions:

        Pizza - Monte's on Eastern Ave in Lynn (hole in the wall with good thin crust "bar pizza"); Adriatic in Salem also had good, fairly traditional pizza and is more upscale.
        Fish Market - not a lot of competition, surprisingly, but Marblehead Lobster Company in Old Town is far and away the best in the area. They will steam lobsters for you at a very small additional charge.
        Breakfast - Red's and Maria's, both in Salem.
        Raw bar - Hale Street Tavern in Beverly Farms (also has pretty good sushi).
        Sandwiches - Atomic Cafe and Shubie's in Marblehead; Shubie's has many other good, albeit expensive, take-out options.
        Traditional Italian - Bella Verona in Salem and Antique Table in Lynn are both decent.
        Hot Dogs - Popo's in Swampscott

        62 and Blue Ox are both good higher end choices. In Marblehead, Five Corners looks like it will re-open soon; it had a fire almost a year ago. It was one of my favorite places outside of Boston before the fire.

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          Thanks a bunch, the only place I've been to on your list is Hale St and didn't try the raw bar, but definitely will in the future. We also have a one year olf and found Hale St to be very child friendly.

        2. i def agree w/ the rec for 62 wharf and five corners (supposed to reopen july). We found Shubies' food (incl sandwiches) mediocre and expensive. Also in Salem is Howlin Wolf Mexican where, IF you order the right thing (carne asada w/ red colorado sauce, and sangria) you will enjoy it. Salem also has A&J King bakery for excellent French style breads , and baked goods and sandwiches. Grapevine, in Salem, has lost its creative spark, imo but it is still good food and has a nice quiet patio out back.Lynn has Cabot St w/ lots of restrnts (varying reports): Mex- El Cielito Lindo(meh, imo, but best pozole around and exc. coconut flan); Tryst (just changed hands),SOMA (owner just bought the nearby place that starts with an M.)

          In Lynn, la Fe is a Dominican grease bomb but also has some very excellent steam table/ sold by the pound Roasted spice coated pork shoulder, rice w/ pigeon peas, okra, eggplant, and red beans/habichuelas. We used to get regular take out there. You might also want to get on the email list for 2 food blogs for the No.Shore.The women bloggers sometimes post on CH No.Shore threads. Don't forget to do CH searches by town name.

          And, best of all, but not food related>> Do get yourselves over to Fort Sewall on Mrbhd harbor; our fav place in MA to sit and gaze at a beautiful ocean view, w/ islands and sailboats..... And congrats on your new home.

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            I'm assuming you mean Cabot St in Beverly :)

            1. re: phatchris

              hmmmm 4am typos! yes, cabot st in beverly.

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              And thank you!! I've done a few searches and was just trying to get a better list all in one place.Looking forward to exploring Lynn and Salem. Had a sandwich at a "NY" style deli that was just ok in Marblehead. Any good takeout/delivery options in Marblehead? Is Whole Foods in Vinnan Sq are best option for a Butcher/

              1. re: phatchris

                City Grill in Vinnin Square (I think it's still considered Vinnin Square) is a real winner. Don't be put off by the terrible sign out front advertising it as a sports bar as it's almost anything but when you walk in.

                Antique Table is near the Swampscott/Lynn border and has great Italian Food (best Veal Parm on the North Shore and some really good personal gourmet pizzas)

                My favorite place for pizza is by Salem State at a place called White Dove. It's a convenience store with good NY style pizza, and they have some really nice middle eastern foods such as Shwarma, Lahm bi Ajeen, and house made Hummus, Baba Ganoush, and grape leaves.

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                  People really seem to like McKinnon's Market and Butchery in Danvers.


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                    Meat Land (great name) in Lynn and New England Meat Market on Walnut Street in Peabody are both pretty good and are much less expensive than Whole Foods.

                    One last suggestion for take out - Casa Molina in Lynn. Really good burritos and run by a nice guy from, I believe, Honduras.

              2. Best bakery is in Salem. A and J King. Everything is wonderful including their dark roast coffee. Try their fougasse bread, almond croissants and sticky buns. You will thank me. For pizza try Romano's in M'head. Fish is tricky but I do make the trip to Gloucester to Steve Connally's. They are a large fish processing place with a small retail store. Their in house smoked fish (many varieties) is very good. For more local shopping you can try M'head Lobster Company. It feels authentic even if fish is brought in from outside. Best farmers market is Salem on Thursday at 3? Or 4?, then M'head on Sat at 9 am. And now Swampscott on Sunday at 10 am. For Italian there is cafe Italia in Mhead or petrillo's in Peabody. Weekend breakfasts go to Mildred's in Lynn. That should start you off nicely. Welcome to the North Shore.
                And of course Five corners when they reopen. We are waiting desperately for them.