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Jul 4, 2012 03:55 AM

First NOLA experience for single diner - rec's?

Hello all,

Traveling to NOLA next week for first time. I've been looking forward to this dining opportunity for a long, long time. I only have 2 nights. Could you please provide your highest-quality dining option for a single diner. I'd prefer bar seating.

Where can I get the best overall dining experience with an authentic New Orleans-spin? From other recommendations, I'm leaning towards Emeril's (of course!), Couchon, Galatoire's, and/or Gautreau's. Which should I pick? Any other suggestions?

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


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  1. Two high quality meals with bar seating? August and Emeril's. If you're up for venturing out of downtown, consider Clancy's.

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      BT suggestions are very good although at Emeril's you can eat at the bar bar and at the chef's bar. For some variations I think you can eat at Meauxbar, and Emeril's other place, NOLA you can eat at the bar but much better is at the food bar overlooking the open kitchen at the wood oven.

    2. +1 for Emeril's or August. both excellent food and both good bar seating. Galatoire's is a classic but much more fun as a a group and i'm not sure they do food service at the bar upstairs. August and Gautreau's are less about classic new orleans dishes but definitely have a local character and great interpretations of the local flavors.
      I don't recall there being bar dining at Gautreau's; it is a small place. Some other uptown options also in small converted spaces with that New Orleans charm that DO have bar seating would be Dante's, Boucherie and Apolline.

      1. GW Fins has great seafood and I've eaten at the bar there a few times.