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Top Ten in Paris Spring 2012

Delucacheesemonger Jul 4, 2012 03:09 AM

Couldn't get it to ten this time, close though. These are in no order

L' Ami Louis- Cotes de Boeuf
L' Ami Louis- Escargot
L' Ami Louis- Pommes du Terre galette
Grom Gelato- Liquorizia Reglisse )
Dans Les Landes- Millassou a la Confiture ( Fried pudding dessert )
Chez Dumonet- Boeuf Bourguignon
Jacques Genin- Passionfruit/mango caramels
Home Cooked- Landemaine 'Pain de Voltaire' with Bordier doux beurre and fleur de sel.
Home Cooked- Couteaux ( razor clams ) steamed with macvin, onions and spices
Home Cooked- Roasted black carrots with honey and salt
Churros- Little old funny guy in Bastille market on 11th Arrondisement side near middle, teeny stand

Many are repeats but when l like something, that choice rarely changes

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