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Jul 4, 2012 12:09 AM

Izakaya Bincho: A Pictorial Essay

Verdict: Just go. It's awesome. Don't expect much in terms of decor. Though it is located on a somewhat seedy commercial strip at the Redondo Beach Pier, the izakaya fare that Chef Tomo-san & his wife Megumi-san serve up is among the very best in Southern California, and not to be missed. Don't forget to wash that great food down with an ice cold draft Sapporo!

Highlights: Anything chicken (especially the roasted free-range chicken with yuzu-pepper, chicken tsukune & teba saki), cuttlefish & guts, agedashi tofu, grilled potato butter, ginnan, shishito peppers, buta no kakuni.

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  1. Thanks for posting enticing shots of Tomo-san's mastery. It still amazes me that he and Megumi-san can pull off so many different dishes at one time. I know the weather isn't right for his excellent nabe dishes, but those are a must-order when the weather cools off - or just order another Sapporo draft to cool down afterwards...

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      You're welcome. Since it looks to be hot weather for a while, I'll take the latter of your suggestions... :-)

    2. Ahh, now THIS is an Izakaya! Great photos as always, J.L. Congratulations. This food seems ideal for good sake, but beer will do in a pinch.

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      1. re: Tripeler

        Thank you for your kind words. This place is indeed great.

        1. re: J.L.

          For some reason, I always get those shrimp dumplings there and chicken wings... but yeah, it's an interesting beacon along that stretch of dining wilderness.

          and if you are really into beer, definitely make a pit-stop at naja's. i guess usually i'm at naja's first and then end up at bincho. i have to say that bincho has a nice sake sampler too.

          but i'll never understand the location, for once, you do have good food and a view. well, maybe not so much a view since there is the flowing banner that would cover any view but you get my point.

          on a side note, there's a sushi/ikazya type place on the peir that has a very interesting menu with natto, and ankimo w caviar and other assort gourmet dishes, but now hounds have opined favorably about it, and i just believe it's the menu that sounds good, anyone know what i'm talking about, i forgot the name and don't believe that there's a website.

      2. Was Megumi there? I haven't seen her in seemingly years and I go fairly often.

        1. J.L. Great photos, I have been meaning to go to this spot. Just curious, what was the approx cost of the meal that was in the photos and how many people ate that food? Some answers here But was curious to know what you experienced..
          Thanks in advance.

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          1. re: Foodandwine

            Hi Foodandwine, thank for the kind words. Our party of 5 had a great time, gorged ourselves (paced in a leisurely fashion over 3 hours) at about $35 per person.

            1. re: J.L.

              just cutrious also, did you guys garner spots at the counter or at the table ?

          2. Calling the International Boardwalk "seedy" is beyond a stretch.

            Neither Shinsengumi, Kokekokko, nor Torihei has designer decor.

            As much as I love this joint, the inconvenient location, the lack of expeditiousness makes me apprehensive every time I step thru the curtains.