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Fish Taco - Driving South to San Diego

We are taking a trip to San Diego (Paradise Point) and coming from Los Angeles on Friday. We are looking for the best SD style fish taco that's somewhere on the way. I looked through the recs and to be honest I'm not sure where most of the places are geographically so it's tough to sort out.

We are looking for a quick stop since it's in between meals and we don't mind taco trucks (actually might prefer them).

Also any recs for a Saturday lunch since I hate resort food. We have two kids (3.5 and 1.5) and we will be eating a dinner at one of the Pizza Ports and a lunch at Stone Bistro on the way back to LA. Any other great recs would be appreciated. Strangely my kids love seafood of all types.

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  1. All of the good seafood trucks, and most of the good fish tacos, will be far south of there, closer to the Mexico border.

    Option 1: Go to Rubio's. It's a huge chain, but the fish tacos aren't bad honestly. In fact they're better than most of the restaurants. Just the basic fish taco, the other stuff there isn't worth eating.

    Option 2: Go to Oscar's Mexican Seafood. It's a bit off the main routes, but it's close. Everything is good there. I feel it's a bit over rated, but it's likely the best fish taco you'll find in north county.

    Option 3: Go to South Beach Bar & Grille. This is really crowded and noisy, so try to go on off hours. It's not strictly authentic at all, but the fish taco sampler is honestly good.

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    1. here's a ch thread that may help.


      there's a marisco's truck on 35th & Univ. and one in the Toys R Us parking lot, on Industrial Ave, off the 5 south.

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        cstr, I know your fondness for both these places, but come on man, neither of these is at all close to the I-5 or Paradise Point. The mariscos truck has moved to El Cajon Blvd., but it is good.

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          Just replying to the OP who said, "We are looking for a quick stop since it's in between meals and we don't mind taco trucks (actually might prefer them)." I'd rather recommend a great taco truck that requires a drive than Rubio's, Oscar's or SBB&G (which is adult olny).

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            Ya gotta read the whole post, they're coming from LA, staying at Paradise Point and wanted a fish taco stop somewhere between LA and SD - "We are taking a trip to San Diego (Paradise Point) and coming from Los Angeles on Friday. We are looking for the best SD style fish taco that's somewhere on the way"

            I agree your suggestions are good, they're just not on the way down from LA :-D

      2. I would hit up Bay Park Fish Company which is across the freeway from Paradise Point resort..
        They have great fresh fish tacos and they have a great happy hour.
        Bahia Don Bravo in Bird Rock/LJ has a great fish taco and lobster burrito.
        The original fish taco Rubio's in Mission Bay, imho, has pretty good fish tacos at that locale..maybe its in the grease.
        South Beach in OB is 21+

        1. Not the best, but Bull Taco in Cardiff is on the way from LA to Paradise Point, has incredible views and is outside so there is room for the kids to run around. Interesting ingredients/combos with just OK execution. Parking may be a hassle though. They have a location in Oceanside that should be on your way as well, but I have not been to that one - not sure if they have the same incredible view.


          1. I can't believe that BC didn't hear the the Del Mar Brig is reopening this afternoon at 3:00pm. I am sure that they will be very happy to fry up some tacos for you.

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            1. Oscars for sure in Lajolla
              Go to Yelp and you will see over 200 five stars and there are only $2.00

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                Sorry to hijack the thread....but do rubio's or oscar's use all natural ingredients? I noticed on the Rubio's site that they use sustainable fish, fresh produce, etc. My son cannot eat artificial ingredients (flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, etc). We are visiting S. Cal in a few weeks and I am looking for a seafood restaurant similar to Chipotle. Thanks.

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                  Please understand, neither one of us were really trying to be mean to you. Consider our side...you say your son can't eat certain things and then proceed to name off 3 giant chains, it reads like an oxymoron. I'm sure you probably didn't intend it that way, but these forum are a pretty flat medium and sometimes things get lost in the translation.

                  Other places for you to consider would be
                  Blind Lady Ale House (yes, they allow kids, it's family friend, especially during the day)
                  Burger Lounge
                  Carnitas Snack Shack
                  El Take It Easy
                  The Linkery
                  Harney Sushi (uses sustainably harvested fish)
                  Tender Greens
                  Local Habit
                  The MIHO Gastrotruck
                  Mitch's Seafood
                  Terra American Bistro
                  The Fishery

                  San Diego has something like 43 farmers markets a week, the 2 big ones Hillcrest and Little Italy have a good number of prepared food vendors. They are a good place for breakfat or lunch, or to load up on picnic and snack foods for the day
                  The Little Italy Farmers Market (Saturday)
                  Hillcrest Farmers Market (Sunday)
                  OB Farmers Market (Wednesday)

                  SOL Market in Liberty Station stands for Sustainable - Organic - Local. They serve food.

                  Because San Diego has more farmers than any other county in the United States, it's not that difficult for us to eat well.