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Jul 3, 2012 08:46 PM

Best Breakfast in Norwalk or close by

Home made greats wholesome products and yummy please. Describe your favorite dish and why, love eggs benedict with Real hollandaise. Thank you.i know about sono bakery buy nowant more than that. Just a small unique place known for breakfast.

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  1. Try Valencia Luncheria for breakfast. They have some great menu options as well as fun specials!

    1. Love Nicholas Roberts on Main Ave. for breakfast, especially. Not light, but the short ribs and eggs are great. French toast is a hit too. No credit cards.

      1. Personally more of a Wave Hill Bread (vs Sono Bakery) fan, and they have a new café (30 High St, where scandinavian store used to be). No eggs benedict, but delicious french toast, rosemary croissant egg sandwiches and other breakfast goodies, not to mention the best bread to complete every meal. Wish they had an espresso machine, but the coffee is pretty good.