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Jul 3, 2012 08:18 PM


A friend recommended me this place and I'm curious to see if its worth trying out.
Going to the city with my boyfriend and just want a nice place to eat dinner, worth it?
And how expensive will it be?

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  1. Yes it is worth going to. They spent over 8 million dollars to build the place. It is connected to the old Nabisco cracker factory , and you can go next door to the Chelsea Market and walk through it is pretty cool. The food at Buddakan is very good. The edamame dumplings are a good dish to order. The entrees are not very expensive,. The bar is a good bar, but don't eat at the bar area ,,it's too crowded,,,there are tables above the "great dining hall" and some more private areas , like the Library room,,,,,, If you don't want to wait a long time for a table ,, which they love to make you do ,,, they normally will tell you "go to the bar and they will call you ,,,,theres a 45 minute wait,,",, If you say , "we don't drink" you will be amazed that the wait is only 5 minutes. Definitely go there,, it is way way way better than the original Buddakan in Philadelphia.

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      We don't drink so that is perfect. Do you recommend any other rooms to eat in? I want something with a nice atmosphere but don't want to be crammed with a million people since it is only going to be us two

    2. I would go there for a drink only and to see the space which is cavernous but not my idea of a dinner destination spot. Food is "fun" food-certainly not gourmet. So many other spots to have a great meal after.

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        I've only been to the Philadelphia location, but "fun" is a very apt description.

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          I like the food at Buddakan and yes it is surely a "fun" spot

        2. Went recently, lot's of fun and the food was good, very crowded but festive, liked the grand decor. Not a place for quiet conversation because it is noisy and also is very dark. Depends what you want.

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            it depends on where you get seated,,if you sit in the library room its bright ,,so is the great dining hall,, upstairs is darker,,so is the bar area