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Jul 3, 2012 07:51 PM

Curbside Cafe, Main St, Skowhegan, Maine (DDD worthy)

Stopped in here on a road trip with hubby and what a score. One of our most memorable meals in two weeks of eating out. We both had sandwiches served on in house fresh baked breads. I had The Bomination (thin sliced sirloin sautéed with peppers, onions and mushrooms with American cheese. Freakin awesome. The bread was melt in your mouth soft. When we asked we were told that they roast the meat in house daily. My huge sandwich came with fresh cut fries. Hubby had the Curbside Melt. It was sliced sirloin served with bacon, cheddar and American cheese on fresh made Texas toast. His came with salad. There were two friendly ladies working who seemed to be having a lot of fun. We grabbed a homemade lemonade with a fresh lemon slice to go. This food was outstanding and we would definitely go back if we lived closer. Will on next road trip for sure. For travellers, it is on the main road..... I think it was highway 148 aka Main Street. Google it to be sure. Address is 48 Main Street, Madison, Maine. Man was that some of the yummiest food ever. Enjoy and post your thoughts if you try it.

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  1. Forgot to add the pics.....first one is hubbys Curbside Melt and second is my Bomination

    1. Has anyone tried this place or even knows of it? We really enjoyed it and hope others do too.

      1. Curious.........Has anyone else tried this place?

        1. Just curious if anyone recognizes the name and address I posted in the title. Maybe it's wrong as I can't see this place not getting any attention at all. It was one of the most memorable of our two week road trip.
          Is the street name/area correct?

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            I had to look up Madison and find it is near Skowhegan. Perhaps people like myself aren't familiar with small towns in that area so referring to a larger town might help. We usually vacation in the mid-coast area but I actually know someone who lives in Madison.

            1. re: dfrostnh

              Thank you for the tip. I have asked the moderators to change Madison to Skowhegan. I hope this helps others find this hidden jem.

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                Friend in Madison said it's a fairly new restaurant but she's never eaten there. She thinks it might be closed but maybe just for the holidays. Anyone planning a road trip should check ahead to see when they are open.

          2. Just looked on Yelp -- not even on their radar yet.

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              I could not locate any information anywhere about this place. We only found it by fluke while on a road trip. We were hungry and this is the first place we found. I don't think it's on anybodies radar. Wish I lived closer.
              It's a meal I will never forget and those ladies passion for good food and fun was also memorable.