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Jul 3, 2012 07:39 PM

Special meals in Italy and Switzerland


My fiancee and I would like to spend around 23 nights in Italy and Switzerland for our honeymoon in October next year. Our itinerary is roughly as follows:

Montreux - 3 nights (early flight in)
Zermatt - 4 nights
St Moritz - 4 nights
Milan - 3 nights
Venice - 3 nights
Florence - 3 nights
Rome - 3 nights (late flight out)

I am looking for special meal suggestions. I have looked through Chowhound and found a few great restaurants, but what I am really looking for is must-do, unique, extravagant or really special places.

For example, we are hoping to have fondue in an igloo in Zermatt, have a Cichhetti meal in Venice (or do a Cicchetti "pub crawl") and make our way to Modena for Osteria Francescana (if people think it is worth it??).

In February we went to Paris and our two most memorable meals were a)L'Astrance and b) Handmade fresh churros at the markets.

Any special gems you can recommend for the places we are going ?? Budget is no issue as we are on our honeymoon except would have to cap meals (not including wine) at around 100 euro a head as a max (or up to 150 for somewhere very special).

Many thanks in advance!

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    1. re: DavidT

      Thanks David - look at all that salami yum!!

    2. Next year meaning 2013?
      For Venice:
      I can't think of any place in Venice that can compare to eating fondu in a igloo. The whole city is unique. For extravagant (not necessary great food but theatrical), have coffee inside the Caffe Florian or meal at Ristorante Quadri (not a place to skim on the euros, extravagant in Venice does not come cheap). Other than that, I would just concentrate eating traditional Venetian food (mainly seafood from the the lagoon and the Adriatic), prosciutto di San Danieli, Malga cheeses, drink plenty of spritz, wines from Fruili and the Veneto, Venetian pastries and cookies.
      Definitely hit the many bacar for cicchettii. Go to the Rialto market on Saturday around noon when Muro and Pesce Pronte Pesce dish up their daily plate with a glass of wine for around 8euros. It is part of the Saturday ritual. Nearby, check out the only horsemeat butcher left in Venice.
      Is Osteria Francescana worth the cost? you will get all sorts of opinions. For me, yes because I am interested in what chefs are doing in high-end restaurants. If I would recommend it to my friends, no.
      For better response, you might consider reposting the Switzerland part of your trip in the "Europe" board.

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      1. re: PBSF

        PBSF, where do you think the best place is in Venice to try the land specialties of the Veneto/Friuli?
        A few years back we ate at an osteria on Calle Lunga San Barnaba which was run by a guy from that area, and the cooking and products, including wine, were excellent. I think he may still be in the area (previously at Furatola) but dont know. any suggestions?

      2. You would have better luck, I think if you posted separate queries on your destination cities, also searching the very many posts on each would also help you narrow down your alternatives in each destination (then you will get better advice)

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        1. re: jen kalb

          I haven't been in Milan for two years but on our last visit we enjoyed dinner at zerodue and at Da Giacomo. Any one with recent experience at either of these?

        2. @keedm002,

          Don't know if your budget eliminates these places but you might want to read up on Locanda Cipriani on the island of Torcello in Venice. Some people have reported they found Venissa (in the lagoon island of Mazzorbo) a very special experience.

          For Milano, I suggest bar hopping along the via Brera if the weather is very nice. If it is not, try the Victoria Cafe for cocktails and bar snacks. In addition to checking out reviews for Milano's buzzed about fashion eateries, you might consider (open for lunch only), Alla Vecchia Latteria on via dell'Unione.

          There are lots of recommendations in previous threads on this board for unique pizzas in Rome, plus fried artichokes and other treats in its Jewish quarter, or tripe sandwiches and market-based fare in Florence.