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Moving to Northridge

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Hi Folks;

I'm moving with my family to Northridge. The area's many ethnic eateries seem to be well-covered in earlier threads, but could someone point me to the best hamburger, pizza, and ice cream in Northridge and environs?

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  1. While not a burger joint, you could do much worse than those offered at Brent's Deli. Factor in that everything else on the menu (except the potato skins) is absolutely top notch and it's no wonder Brent's is the only thing I miss not living in SoCal anymore.

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      +1 for Brent's. One of the best delis in all of LA. Their Black Pastrami Rueben is one great sandwich.

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        Thanks for the replies. Been to Brent's and agree that it is stellar. I've done some more checking on the internet and it looks like there is nothing chow-worthy for the requested categories. Will have to make do with chains.

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          "I've done some more checking on the internet and it looks like there is nothing chow-worthy for the requested categories. Will have to make do with chains."

          Maybe not. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/679546


    2. Best burger, by far, is Boulevard Burger on Ventura in Woodland Hills. You can't go wrong with a pizza from Joe Peep's on Magnolia and Whitsett

      1. As a long time Northridge/Porter Ranch resident, we find ourselves driving to Ventura Blvd way too often, however, we do have some local places we go to. These might not be the best you can find in the Valley but beat the local chain shops in our opinion (other than mentioned below).
        -I don’t really have any special recommendations for awesome burgers or ice cream., but have gone a little past your specific areas of inquiry in case it helps.
        - Pizza – Thanks to a Chowhound recommendation a few years back, we are going to Vincenzo's Pizza in Granada Hills (San Fernando Mission and Balboa). We only like their pizza which we order well done.
        - We really like San Carlo Italian Deli at Mason and Devonshire in Chatsworth. I don’t think I have tried the pizza, but like the sandwiches, lasagna, cold cuts and you can buy their dough, sauce, meatballs, etc. to do things yourself. Very neighborhood business, with a wide range of customers and family owned.
        -Although you didn’t ask, for Mexican, we like Hot’s Tacos at Devonshire and Reseda and Senior Sol at Reseda and Nordoff.
        -Although a chain, we like Jersey Mikes in Granada Hills (Chatsworth and Lindley) and there is another by the mall. We always get turkey which is super fresh tasting with all of the toppings. We also go to California Chicken Café for wraps (Reseda and Nordoff). Also feels fresh tasting to us.
        -We like Sevan Chicken (Mason and Devonshire) for Chicken and also their filet minion skewers. A Zankou is coming to Granada Hills, it will be interesting to compare.
        -I haven’t had a burger at Frosty Queen in years, but they weren’t bad at all although they have thin patties which might be rectified by a double patty. This is our guilty pleasure place for chili fries (we order well done), chili dogs, and they have thick shakes made from soft serve. They have been there since I was a kid decades ago and are on Chatsworth and Shoshone.

        Please don’t hesitate to ask for any clarifications or questions. We’ve tried many, many places in Northridge and nearby areas.

        1. One other suggestion if you are ever feeling like some really good lasagna (and generally good Italian food) and want to have it delivered for a party for the super bowl or some such then you should give the LA Lasagna Company a try: http://www.lalasagnacompany.com/

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            That's 10 minutes from my mother's house; I can't believe we've missed it. Besides the lasagna, what do you recommend?

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              I liked the chicken parm and the eggplant parm and their meatballs were good. My sister and brother in law have had them cater at least 3 super bowl meals (they bring the food to the house and my brother in law sets up the table for a family style buffet) and all of them have been good.

          2. Fab Dogs is maybe the best hot dog in LA. Also Get Shaved for Hawaiian shave ice and other desserts. Not quite what you asked for, but worth a mention.

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              Thanks for all your replies. Please don't apologize for expanding beyond my requested categories. All information is welcome!

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                Emles-9250 Reseda Blvd-a mix of all kinds of cuisines for BL&D and at great prices too.
                A&W Seafood 9306 Reseda Blvd-Chinese and dim sum.
                Mandarin Deli 9305 Reseda Blvd-dumplings.

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                  Try the barbecue in the parking lot of Jim's Fallbrook Market on weekends. Its on the southwest corner of Oxnard and Fallbrook. If any of your family cooks they carry Harris Ranch beef, Diestel turkeys, and other fine meats as well as very fresh seafood and an excellent wine selection.

              2. For burgers, we usually end up at In and Out (Tampa/Parthenia in the Costco parking lot, or at the Porter Ranch Town Center). We also do Five Guys once in a whle (Also in the Costco parking lot). King's Burgers on Reseda/Prairie is also decent, but I haven't been there in a while. I'll admit to an occasional craving for the Tommy's chiliburgers from the Northridge Fashion Center location. I prefer their chili over the Canoga Park and Van Nuys locations. Frosty Queen on Chatsworth east of Zelzah does decent burgers too.

                For pizza, we liked Vincenzo's in Chatsworth, but that location closed. Haven't tried the Granada Hills one yet but we will soon. Z Pizza is not bad (Tampa/Rinaldi) but it's not the greasy kind of pizza -- it's made with organic ingredients, less oil, etc. There's also a Numero Uno in Chatsworth on Devonshire/Mason that's pretty good. San Carlo Deli (mentioned earlier) does good pizzas, and their sandwiches are also great. We also like Jersey Mikes -- I prefer the Chatsworth/Zelzah location over the Tampa/Nordhoff one.

                For ice cream, there are Baskin Robbins located on Reseda/Prairie, Lindley/Chatsworth, and Devonshire/Mason. Rite Aid on Devonshire/Mason has an ice cream counter if you want Thrifty's ice cream. Not sure if the Granada hills Rite Aid still sells ice cream. Get Shaved is good for hawaiian ice and is at Devonshire/Reseda in the Albertson's shopping center.

                Other Northridge/Porter Ranch recs:
                Cafe Graikos - good Greek food at Tampa/Rinaldi
                A&W - the larger Reseda/Prairie location, good for family style Chinese
                Fab's Hot Dogs - Tampa/Vanowen, great hot dogs

                Like a couple others mentioned, there's a Zankou chicken opening at Chatsworth/Zelzah. I'm not a fan of the Sevan Chicken in Chatsworth, but it'll be nice to have a Zankou closer to home. There's a small branch right now on Reseda/Saticoy in the Green Valley market (or whatever it's called). They also just opened up a Freebird World Burritos at Chatsworth/Zelzah -- I haven't tried it, but it's always been when I drive by.

                I think I'm the only person who doesn't care for Brent's. Tried it 3 times, had poor experiences every time.

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                  Whoa, I didn't know a Zankous was opening up in Granada Hills. Yay!

                  For Italian, try Casa di Pizza on Woodley and San Fernando Mission. This place is an ode to Frank Sinatra who actually visited there.

                  If you like food trucks, there is a food truck festival in Granada Hills on Chatsworth around White Oak every Wednesday and Friday nights. They usually get around 20-50 trucks

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                    Granadafan - there is another Casa de Pizza other than the one that used to be on Tampa/Victory for ages?? We used to go there all the time in the late 70s and 80s after my brother's baseball games at Reseda Park (I also met my 7th grade boyfriend there!). I was so sad when I drove by and it was gone. Do you know if the one you mentioned is part of the same family? I will definitely need to try it! Thanks!
                    My favorite pizza in Northridge is Ravanelli's (well done, of course).
                    Also, you have to get Cupid's Chili dogs - Lindley just south of Nordhoff. DE-LICIOUS!!

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                      Hi WildSwede, if I recall correctly from reading the menu, there are brothers who had a couple restaurants for Casa de Pizza. I haven't been to the Granada Hills one in a few months though. Their pastas are really tasty.

                      You guys really should check out the food trucks on Chatsworth in Granada Hills

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                        Hi Granadafan - thanks! I am so happy to hear that! Definitely try it soon!
                        Which food trucks are on Chatsworth and what cross street? Thanks again! WS

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                          The trucks are on Chatsworth between White Oak and Zelzah and also on surrounding streets. They have the usual ones: Kogi truck, lots of crepes, Hawaiian, Philly Cheese trucks, burgers, korean tacos, etc.

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                        Just so those who come across this post know, it seems as if Ravanelli's has closed its doors after 50 years. See here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/876068 (as reported by jencounter - who also recommended Ravanelli's in this thread as well)

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                          Thanks, Servorg.

                          I am SO bummed. It's been our pizza place for almost 15 years. Had no idea they were closing.


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                            I never had a chance to try this place. ZPizza is the best place I've found so far.

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                      A&W Seafood has cut back on their dim sum. Fridays, Saturday & Sunday they have their full array of dim sum. The other days are limited.

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                        I didn't know that. I was there for dim sum last week and didn't notice anything i usually missing.

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                          Yeah, you'll be missing the gai lon (Chinese brocolli), shrimp paste with bell peppers. Basically all the cooking cart stuff and probably some others.

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                            We had the gailan with oyster sauce when we were there. Also had the radish/turnip cake that was cooked on the flattop.

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                              Thanks. We asked for fish paste with bell peppers and the lady told us they don't serve a lot of items on weekdays except Fri, Sat & Sun.

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                        I stopped by Kings Burger this evening and was confused as hell when the guy at the cash register in a T-shirt asked if I wanted sushi. Flustered, I said no, we wanted the cheeseburger combo. Then we noticed that most of the staff were wearing "Got Sushi" tshirts. This place is a burger/ sushi joint now. They said to find a seat and they'll serve us. Odd, I thought. Why is there an order counter with all the specials listed right there? When we tried to get seated, a guy said these seats were for sushi. Well, what the hell, are there no seats for burgers, which are clearly offered? We were too weirded out and just left to go down the street to the Habit instead.

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                          I probably should have mentioned that. LOL There's been a suhsi bar in there for a couple years. The sushi side was an idea by the owner's con (if I remember correctly). You order the burgers at the counter. They do have more seats for the sushi side, but they do have some for the burger side too. You should have just asked where to order burgers and where to sit.

                      3. There are tons of gems in the Northridge area but you picked the 3 categories I was never able to find standouts. For burgers, I always ended up at either In-n-Out or the Habit. There's a Red Robin in the area which I hear is good for a chain but I've never tried it. People love the Munch Box in Chatsworth - it's a cute burger shack but I thought the burger and fries were both very bad. Same for Bob's Big Boy. Super thin patties with no char. Both Miller's Sensational Salads & Sandwiches and Maxwell's Burger and Hotdogs are decent, especially for the price, but you gotta double 'em up to get enough beef, IMO.

                        Brent's is good for the pastrami mentioned in this thread but my burger was awful (though I know it has its fans). I also didn't love the burger at King's but the sushi is solid. You might want to try Fab's and get it with Hatch Green chiles on top - I would have gotten around to ordering this but I"m addicted to their breakfast dog w. mayo and hatch green chilies and never have room for much else :). You also might have luck at Daglas which has great fries but my pick there is the grilled cheese pastrami. I imagine Henris in Canoga Park might turn out a good burger as it was the most reliably tasty diner that I frequented in the area (really tasty chicken fried steak + eggs) and I remember there being a half pound Texas burger on the menu.

                        PIzza was another stumper but I liked LA Best PIzza, especially for delivery. D'amore's Pizza might be good in the restaurant but it did not hold up at all for delivery - thin crust got limp and soggy. If you like really thick crust you will like the San Carlo Deli pizza but I much prefer the calzone and sandwiches there.

                        Ice cream - no clue!

                        Other recs: White Rabbit Cafe for the pork sisig burrito, Go's Mart for $$$$ but great sushi, Que Huong for Vietnamese, Small Island for chicken katsu w/curry, Tampa Garden Chinese for made to order dumplings, and Shamshiri Restaurant.

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                          Since maiweezy mentioned Daglas (which is in CP) - here's what you do: Go to Cupid's hot dogs next door from Daglas and get some chili dogs. Then head over to Daglas and get their fries. Sit, dunk fries into the chili and sink into pure bliss!! ;-)

                          1. re: WildSwede

                            Totally did this based on your rec, +1 for this gut busting deliciousness!

                            1. re: maiweezy

                              AWESOME! ;-) I was too full after eating a Sabroso's bean burrito (hey, when in the valley there are places I HAVE to eat, even if I feel I will burst!!) to get the fries. Had to suffice with just one chili dog (see my post about Cupid's - they are reopening one of the original locations on Tyrone/Victory in Van Nuys soon!!).

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                            i LOVE the hamburgers at Fabs

                          3. For Pizza, do give Ravanelli's a try. They're at Reseda and Chase - we've been eating their pizza for over 10 years. A little further south is Brooklyn Pizza (Tampa/Vanowen); they make a pretty good pie, too.

                            I've heard good things about PizzaRev but have yet to try.

                            For burgers we usually end up at The Habit (Reseda/Dearbornish) or Fatburger (Reseda/Saticoy).

                            1. Fantastic regional Thai at Lum Ka Naad in Northridge.

                              1. Brent's of course goes without saying.

                                Got Sushi/Kings Burger for Omakase - don't go on Wednesday though, Chef Jun's not working.

                                Small Island - Very underrated Ramen here, someone eventually will figure it out. Chasu Miso Ramen #5, perfect hangover cure, don't care much for anything else there to be honest. Their chashu/pork leaves a bit to be desired but the hanjuku tomago(soft boiled egg), broth, and noodles are always pretty spot on.

                                If I had to pick a fourth, Pho So 1 on Reseda/Sherman Way, I used to be a Pho 999 guy but they've started cutting corners on certain items.

                                Outside of that, it's a tough go on the Northern side of the San Fernando Valley.

                                1. My family's reliable line-up:
                                  Munch Box http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overv...

                                  Les Sisters (fried chicken, ribs) http://www.lessisters.com/

                                  Earl's Donuts (the earlier the better) http://www.roadfood.com/Restaurant/Re...

                                  Angelo's Ristorante Italiano (small, quiet, hardy) http://www.angeloschatsworth.com/

                                  Brent's Deli (BYOB) http://brentsdeli.com/

                                  Omino Sushi (top rated) http://www.ominosushi.com/

                                  The Bear Pit Barbeque (legendary old school) http://bearpitbbq.com/

                                  Los Toros (loud, crazy, par-for-the-course, old school Mexican) http://www.lostoros.com/

                                  Roger's Rib Shack (to go) http://www.rogersribshack.com/index.html

                                  L.A. Lasagna Co (to go or cater) http://lalasagnacompany.com/

                                  Bistro Alessio (make a reservation) http://bistroalessio.com/

                                  The good steaks and fancy places are across the valley on the boulevard.

                                  Welcome to the 'hood. -Wb

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                                    Not a big fan of Omino myself, too hit and miss. Everything else you mentioned seems spot on, I have had some decent feeds at Bistro Alessio as well.

                                    Ameci's on SF Mission & Balboa used to make a pizza we used to like called the buffalo chicken, just need to remind them to take it easy on the sauce and make sure it's cooked well done. It's the best delivery pizza where we are anyways.

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                                      Again, thanks for all the postings. I liked Omino's but found they put way too much wasabi in the sushi rice. Completely obscured the taste of the fish, which seemed to be high quality.

                                      Thought A&W seafood was OK, didn't like Mandarin Deli. Looking forward to Tampa Gardens, and one day venturing out into the San Gabriel Valley for real Chinese food, before which I will be sure to consult the experts on CH.

                                      1. re: MarkC

                                        There's no good Chinese food in the Valley if you're looking more of the authentic stuff.

                                        1. re: granadafan

                                          I think that's what MarkC just said.

                                          1. re: granadafan

                                            Tampa gardens is fairly legit for SFV

                                      2. re: Wagonboy

                                        I have to disagree with the Munch Box reco. I went there last summer, ordered and got my food less than one minute later. It was all pre made and sitting there. And it's wasn't very good. It was edible, but average. Plus, since there is no indoor seating, if there is the slightest breeze, eating becomes more complicated. I hate having to chase my napkins around.

                                        1. re: Wagonboy

                                          Los Toros lethal margaritas and bean dip aside, I much prefer Salsa and Beer for sit down Mexican.