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Jul 3, 2012 07:03 PM

Moving to Northridge

Hi Folks;

I'm moving with my family to Northridge. The area's many ethnic eateries seem to be well-covered in earlier threads, but could someone point me to the best hamburger, pizza, and ice cream in Northridge and environs?

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  1. While not a burger joint, you could do much worse than those offered at Brent's Deli. Factor in that everything else on the menu (except the potato skins) is absolutely top notch and it's no wonder Brent's is the only thing I miss not living in SoCal anymore.

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      +1 for Brent's. One of the best delis in all of LA. Their Black Pastrami Rueben is one great sandwich.

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        Thanks for the replies. Been to Brent's and agree that it is stellar. I've done some more checking on the internet and it looks like there is nothing chow-worthy for the requested categories. Will have to make do with chains.

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          "I've done some more checking on the internet and it looks like there is nothing chow-worthy for the requested categories. Will have to make do with chains."

          Maybe not.

    2. Best burger, by far, is Boulevard Burger on Ventura in Woodland Hills. You can't go wrong with a pizza from Joe Peep's on Magnolia and Whitsett

      1. As a long time Northridge/Porter Ranch resident, we find ourselves driving to Ventura Blvd way too often, however, we do have some local places we go to. These might not be the best you can find in the Valley but beat the local chain shops in our opinion (other than mentioned below).
        -I don’t really have any special recommendations for awesome burgers or ice cream., but have gone a little past your specific areas of inquiry in case it helps.
        - Pizza – Thanks to a Chowhound recommendation a few years back, we are going to Vincenzo's Pizza in Granada Hills (San Fernando Mission and Balboa). We only like their pizza which we order well done.
        - We really like San Carlo Italian Deli at Mason and Devonshire in Chatsworth. I don’t think I have tried the pizza, but like the sandwiches, lasagna, cold cuts and you can buy their dough, sauce, meatballs, etc. to do things yourself. Very neighborhood business, with a wide range of customers and family owned.
        -Although you didn’t ask, for Mexican, we like Hot’s Tacos at Devonshire and Reseda and Senior Sol at Reseda and Nordoff.
        -Although a chain, we like Jersey Mikes in Granada Hills (Chatsworth and Lindley) and there is another by the mall. We always get turkey which is super fresh tasting with all of the toppings. We also go to California Chicken Café for wraps (Reseda and Nordoff). Also feels fresh tasting to us.
        -We like Sevan Chicken (Mason and Devonshire) for Chicken and also their filet minion skewers. A Zankou is coming to Granada Hills, it will be interesting to compare.
        -I haven’t had a burger at Frosty Queen in years, but they weren’t bad at all although they have thin patties which might be rectified by a double patty. This is our guilty pleasure place for chili fries (we order well done), chili dogs, and they have thick shakes made from soft serve. They have been there since I was a kid decades ago and are on Chatsworth and Shoshone.

        Please don’t hesitate to ask for any clarifications or questions. We’ve tried many, many places in Northridge and nearby areas.

        1. One other suggestion if you are ever feeling like some really good lasagna (and generally good Italian food) and want to have it delivered for a party for the super bowl or some such then you should give the LA Lasagna Company a try:

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            That's 10 minutes from my mother's house; I can't believe we've missed it. Besides the lasagna, what do you recommend?

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              I liked the chicken parm and the eggplant parm and their meatballs were good. My sister and brother in law have had them cater at least 3 super bowl meals (they bring the food to the house and my brother in law sets up the table for a family style buffet) and all of them have been good.

          2. Fab Dogs is maybe the best hot dog in LA. Also Get Shaved for Hawaiian shave ice and other desserts. Not quite what you asked for, but worth a mention.

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              Thanks for all your replies. Please don't apologize for expanding beyond my requested categories. All information is welcome!

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                Emles-9250 Reseda Blvd-a mix of all kinds of cuisines for BL&D and at great prices too.
                A&W Seafood 9306 Reseda Blvd-Chinese and dim sum.
                Mandarin Deli 9305 Reseda Blvd-dumplings.

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                  Try the barbecue in the parking lot of Jim's Fallbrook Market on weekends. Its on the southwest corner of Oxnard and Fallbrook. If any of your family cooks they carry Harris Ranch beef, Diestel turkeys, and other fine meats as well as very fresh seafood and an excellent wine selection.