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Jul 3, 2012 07:01 PM

Las Mañanitas Brewster NY

We loved the outdoor deck and reservoir views where Cappriccio and Filias used to be on Rt 22. Just south of The Arch and Heidi's. Great Molé sauce. Best north of Oxáca. Luis owner of Fiesta Mexicana is the friendliest host. Great Margarita with Avion Tequila. Like on Enterouge.

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  1. We went back again today for a 4:30 Sunday supper. We wanted the million dollar view before sunset. Wife and daughter loved the mole' sauce and I liked the fresh tasting shrimp fajitas. Luis told me he has an new chef he is thrilled with. 1/2 hour from White Plains. Look for the sign on Rt. 22 right past the Eagle gas station. $7.00 fresh margaritas shocked our daughter used to Manhattan prices. Dinner for three with 5 drinks and a beer $120.00 worth the drive.

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    1. re: Barrels41

      what KIND (of the hundreds of varieties) of Molé ?

      do some places have stale tasting shrimp fajitas? <g>

      if every single thing on a menu doesn't taste "fresh" the place belongs in Worst Of, or on Kitchen Nightmares, anyway.
      So,, I know I'm being a bit pedantic, and I mean it in a friendly way, but it always strikes me as odd to read "fresh" as a review adjective.
      Fresh is supposed to be a GIVEN.

      Would you write in a review "the omelet didn't taste at all like the eggs had turned"?
      Unless you're pointing out a horror show, EVERYTHING is presumed to taste 'fresh'.

      thus endeth the rant

      1. re: weedy

        The shrimp were large and sweet. Most Mexican restaurants use small cheap shrimp. Freshness is a function of age after defrosting. I rest my case, Judge.