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Jul 3, 2012 06:03 PM

Dinner Suggestion for Mid-Week

Coming to Montreal the 10/11th from Toronto. Already have reservations at Laloux for Tuesday night based on some good reviews I read here. Now looking for a good place for dinner on Wednesday. We're too late for APDC, Garde Manger, etc -- they're already all booked up. So perhaps a nice contrast, something different from Laloux? Open on type of cuisine, and the place could be fancy or a little-known local spot. Staying at Hotel Place d'Armes, but will venture away from that area if need be. Any help? Thanks

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  1. Les 400 Coups? Close to your hotel. Keep in mind Laloux has changed chefs recently (yet again), so it may not be what you're expecting... Other options (if there's space) are Le Bremner (Chuck Hughes' other place) or Le Filet. Or Brasserie T.

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      Thank you ... I wasn't aware of the change in chef at Laloux. I looked at the menu for Les 400 Coups, sounds terrific, and got reservations for the Tuesday night to replace Laloux. Thanks!

      Looks like the other night might be Kitchenette. Is this a good choice?

      1. re: BrunswickGuy

        Very good choice. Or for a more casual option, Nick Hodge's other restaurant, Ice House.

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          Ice house is great, but pretty small so make sure to get there before 730