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Jul 3, 2012 05:28 PM

Breakfast/Brunch Pasadena area

Here's the issue: a friend has a birthday coming up, and another friend and I want to take her to breakfast (her choice rather than lunch), and it has to be a week day for reasons I won't bother you with. The problem - friend #2 (not the birthday girl) is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. She should be feeling okay by the date we've chosen, but has very little appetite and isn't enjoying much, especially anything heavy. We thought about Julienne, but most of their dishes are pretty complicated, and I suspect loaded with butter.

Any recommendations? The friend who's on chemo is mostly happy with just fruit or maybe a protein shake of some kind, but we want this to be a little festive as well.

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    1. Abricott is a nice space and even though their breakfast menu has many hearty items, it looks like it has some lighter options that may appeal to your friend.

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        Thanks, both of you. I love Cafe Verde, never realized they were open for breakfast. And I've never been to Abricott, so it'll be one of those two.