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Jul 3, 2012 04:51 PM

LA to SB Eats

Heading to Santa Barbara for a little wine tasting this weekend. Bringing the gf, my brother and his gf who has never been to California. If you had to pick one restaurant to eat at in SB, where would you go?

We love seafood, but looking for something not terribly pricey. We might splurge if it's really something we can't miss.

Suggestions please!

Oh and if you have any recs for great tasting rooms/wineries, let's hear!

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  1. I think you'd have a solid meal at Stella Mare's in SB. For b'fast along the way - there's Summerland Beach Cafe. I love getting tacos at El Bajio on Milpas.

    If you are hitting Los Olivos, make sure to stop in at the E (Epiphany) tasting room (right now they are pouring some wonderful wines) and Stolpman is always a wonderful treat. Tasty sandwiches and salads are always found at Panino.

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      Had the Italian Combo Sandwich from Panino for lunch today and it was really bland :(

      1. re: Blumenstrauss

        I personally would never put Panino on my own list of recommendations as I have found nothing of note there either. My favorite place for deli sandwiches is Via Maestra 42 in the San Roque section of State Street, Santa Barbara at East Las Positas. They are pricey but the Modena sandwich I find haunting and addicting.

    2. Julienne is the true can't miss restaurant for dinner. Price depends upon your appetite. Scarlett Begonia moving in fast as the can't miss for breakfast, lunch or brunch. Can't miss fish and chips at Mac's if you want low-cost fish done this way. Otherwise, there are dozens of wonderful restauarnts, most have fish on the menu and hit all price ranges. Assume you are hitting the Urban Wine Trail and hope you report back what you find.