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Jul 3, 2012 04:12 PM


Visiting KDH with my family. The requests from my crew are; "we want fried seafood; shrimp, fish, oysters, etc." Where will they be happy?
Many thanks,

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  1. Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe', Darryl's in Manteo, The Pier House at the Nags Head Fishing Pier, Sugar Creek--most places here do decent fried seafood platter thing, but these are where I would go for good fried seafood while in KDH, NH or Kitty Hawk.

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    1. re: SweetPhyl

      Many thanks SweetPhyl, given proximity I think we will head for Sugar Creek.

      1. re: qbdave

        The wait at Sugar Creek was overboard, 1 1/2 hrs., so we gave Darryl's a call. No worries, they had a table and we had an excellent dinner. All were happy. I would highly reccomend Darryl's.

        1. re: qbdave

          Glad you found a good meal...Darryl's is worth the drive. I had the best rockfish I've ever had there. Enjoy the rest of your stay!