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Jul 3, 2012 03:46 PM

After dinner drinks?

Loving all the help on here for restaurant recommendations. My office is in Seattle and I try to get to some new places each time I'm here (as well as some of the old favorites.) Seattle is so hard to try and pick out the good restaurants on Chowhound b/c there are just so many!! This trip my boyfriend will be joining me so after we check out some of the awesome restaurants you've all recommended we would like to go for drinks after dinner.

Any thoughts? We are 30s from Boston & NYC. Would like to go to something upscale/ loungey/ club upbeat with good music and cocktails.

We'll be there Weds-Sun. THANKS!

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  1. What part of town? There are too many great cocktail bars to mention, so I think we need some perameters.
    I like Seattle Met's round up of best bars, so you might start with that:

    I like Eater's "best" list, too:

    In particular, Canlis is a good bet given what you want. It's probably the most expensive (and dressiest) place in town, but the view, the bar food, the cocktails and the piano player (he plays very unexpected tunes ie Metallica or old Tears for Fears) make it very worth it.