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Jul 3, 2012 03:14 PM

Tairyou Ichiba

Drove past what used to be Kura on Kingsway yesterday and see they now have signage up for a new izakaya - Tairyou Ichiba.

Anyone have any intel? I was in my car so didn't see if there was any opening date or anything posted...will likely TOFTT when possible as it's only a couple of blocks from my house.

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  1. In that case we hereby nominate you to TOFTT :-)

    I've not been to Kura since I worked at Metrotown, one of my fave sushi places out there (other than Isami & Tomoya). I'm looking forward to reading your review of Tairyou.

    1. You've probably googled this already but I'll put this here in case anyone else is interested.

      Barely legible shot of the menu:

      Shot of the interior:

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      1. re: queueueuq

        Interior doesn't look all that different than before:

        As long as they keep their front door ...... awesome & most unique in Metro Vancouver:


        1. re: queueueuq

          Appears it's already open then...though from what I can make out it doesn't seem that the menu is that much of a stretch from Kura, which I suppose is fine. Maybe it's just a name change more than anything else...

          1. re: jerkstore

            Guess they're just thinking outside the bento box, as it were [groan]. I hope their newfound izakaya-ness is not watered down for N. American tastes.

        2. Walked by there yesterday. Took shots on my cell phone:

          Readable menu there.

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          1. re: flowbee

            Good stuff. A decent amount of robatas, not to mention reasonable prices :-)

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Indeed, looks promising. Glad the other picture was only half the menu. Planning to stop by for dinner tomorrow, will report back.

              1. re: jerkstore

                imho the $1 nigiri is something to be wary of...

                1. re: flowbee

                  True, but I'm more interested in the cooked dishes anyways. Isami is my go-to for sushi around here.

                  1. re: jerkstore


                    Through the '90s that was my regular work lunch too for sushi (wasn't much else in Metrotown area anyway for good sushi).

                  2. re: flowbee

                    Thanks for that, flowbee. I see they have mirugai, yum. And, for once, a Japanese restaurant that's closed on Tuesday instead of Monday.

                    I didn't even know Isami was still around! Wow, memories.

            2. So we stopped by for dinner tonight; everything was OK but rather underwhelming.

              We had:
              - grilled squid - simple and good, nice crunch
              - salmon belly cha-zuke - decent but bland compared to the various chazuke at Guu Garden
              - deluxe assorted sashimi - some fresher than others, aji and conch were probably the better points of the meal
              - salmon/ikura donburi - no surprises here - but a bit too much vinegar in the rice for our tastes
              - mentai kimchi udon - particularly meh - being one of my favourite things from Guu (and other izakaya in the lower mainland which serve similar dishes) - surprisingly bland, the only notable flavour being a hit of chili heat in the aftertaste

              Overall, not bad by our estimation, but we're not in a particular hurry to return. Perhaps we should have given some of the fried items a go (though not generally the kind of things the wife goes for).

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              1. re: jerkstore

                Good to know :-)

                I'd go if I were in the area, there really isn't much good options in S. Burnaby, other than the aforementioned Isami, and one other place I like which is Chinese-owned that is Tomoya on Nelson beside Lao Shang Dong.

                Did you sense if the owner(s) and staff are the same as before, and this is all a simple re-branding exercise ?

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  Can't say for sure, I hadn't been to Kura in a long long time...

                  1. re: jerkstore

                    Were the wait staff & sushi chefs Japanese ?

                      1. re: jerkstore

                        Fyi: new owner is japanese chef... Used to be at fuji sushi in coquitlam before it had to close because of skytrain construction. Dont know about the two other chefs hes using. I know basically all of the waitresses and they're japanese.

                        As for comment on $1 nigiri, i was a bit surprised he was offering it so cheap. Having said that, he uses good suppliers.

                  2. re: LotusRapper

                    See my comments below... New owner, not rebranding.