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Jul 3, 2012 02:46 PM

Touro - New Brazilian in Old Saybrook

I was driving by the old location of Fogo, the Brazilian churascaria that closed last year, and saw that it had been resurrected as Touro - Brazilian Grill and Bar, so I pulled in to check it out. Evidently the theme hasn't changed that much, since besides the usual entrees, it still features Rodizio - you pay a fixed price and waiters offer you samples of grilled and roasted meats until your stomach calls a halt. They also still have a serve-your-own salad bar.

I really liked the Fogo approach (and their salad bar) and will have to try Touro as soon as I can convince DW to go. (My fingers ran ahead of my brain and I had added "Brazilian" to the end of the preceding sentence until my mind caught up!)

1333 Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook, CT. 860-339-5731.

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  1. whoever runs this place is also a marketing failure. who knew they were even there. I go by there several times a week and love new places. shame these businesses miss all these opportunities

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    1. In an attempt to look them up on the net, I couldn't find them. I don't suppose anybody has a number and address? :)

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        See orginal post, both are listed

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          thank you! I called and nobody is picking up today. To be closed on 4th of July weekend is not a smart business move.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Called them again, and at least this time I was greeted with an answer. Their Rodizio (sp) is priced at about 28 dollars per person.

          1. We went to touro last night and I really enjoy everything , the place it's completely renovated , the interior looks very classy , the service was great and very friendly, and the food was delicious , they have very good choices,we have an amazing time , I will love to come back again, I really recommend this new place, something different in the shoreline