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A new restaurant, a new place I have no desire to visit again. What a sad refrain for Tallahassee restaurant scene. This place, across from Up in Smoke on Tenn. St. is apparently an offshoot of some place in Sopchoppy. Went for lunch with two others, so sampled several things. Crabecake sandwich was mushy and you could not tell what you were eating. Cheesesteak was mainly bell peppers, and very little steak or cheese, served on a hamburger bun. Fries were the coated variety and cooked to a fare thee well, hard and crunchy with no discernible potato taste. A salad with grilled chicken was nothing special, just a tossed salad with some chicken breast, but perhaps that is all it was supposed to be. The diet Coke was outstanding.

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  1. Aah Steak...still trolling the new places so the rest of us don't have too!!:) Thanks for the report. I'm sure we'll see the local one hand clappers review this spot in the paper and pronounce it a 3 or 4 clap and the HannaBananas from down the street will flock here after school or on off campus lunchbreak, pronouncing it to be almost as good as McD's, or the nuked burritos at the service station across the street.

    1. Had an early lunch there today.

      They have creative rather than descriptive names for their pizzas. I ordered one called the Con. As opposed to the Pro. A 10" pie with white sauce with kind of a buffalo sauce mixed in. Chicken, bacon, mushrooms and pickled jalapenos on a thin crust. The only thing that seemed to come from a package were the jalapenos. Good flavor. The crust could have been a little crisper. Had to eat the middle part with a fork, but that's no big deal.

      Also had key lime pie. Good flavor. Not too tart or too sweet. A little creamier than most.

      Service was fine. A very pleasant college age young woman who had a good knowledge of the menu.

      A tad bid pricier than your typical chain fare, especially the desserts, but not enough to deter me from going back.

      1. it was a soft opening. i know the owners. their grand opening was friday. two days after this post.

        1. Not sure when you ate here but I went on the night of the grand opening and not only was my food excellent, the service was great as well. I know how hard it can be to keep up with the orders and the tables when you are busy but nothing seemed to be affected. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but maybe you should give it another try. No one should give up on something after trying it one time.

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            I look forward to trying them again a time or two. My original post may have sounded harsh, but I wish them great success. I think anyone who enjoys eating wants restaurants to succeed so we all have more places to enjoy.