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Jul 3, 2012 12:00 PM

Andechs beer in Paris?

We're only going to have three days in Paris before we're off to London. I have waxed poetic about Andechs beer to a friend and would love to bring him some in London. I've only ever enjoyed the stuff in Germany. Does anyone know if it's exported to France, and if so, where I might procure some? I'm assuming that it would be easier to find in France than in England. Am I wrong about this?

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  1. Although the number and quality of beer stores has increased dramatically these last few years in Paris, I don't remember ever seeing anything from Andechs there.
    What you'll find is mostly French, Belgian, American and Scandinavian stuff, and not much German beers except for the big names... sorry.

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      Am also pessimistic you will find it in Paris. You can try the beer guy at the Marché St Quentin in the 10th. I doubt if he stocks it but he might be able to tell you who does.

      But London is way more beer-y than Paris and I'm sure you will have better luck there. Here's a start: