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Jul 3, 2012 11:39 AM

Where to go for dinner before the Columbia room?

We've got reservations for 9 tonight at the Columbia room and am looking for recommendations for a good place to eat before hand. We're open to all types of cuisine and don't necessarily need uber high end - just good food and service. As we are cabbing it, the ideal place would be within a short walking distance to the Columbia room.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Lots of places are within walking/cabbing distance. Rasika leaps to mind. PS7, Proof, Brasserie Beck for mussels... A VERY short walking distance would be bar snacks at The Passenger!

    I LOVED the Columbia Room when I went. You are in for a treat!

    Edited to add: Zaytinia or Jaleo would also work.

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      Thanks for the info - we were just at Rasika last night, although I would certainly NOT mind going back - it was delicious!! What type of mussels do you recommend at Brasserie Beck? Do you know anything about Luke's Lobster?

      I noticed your name - I'm staying at the Omni Shoreham! I've already been to Dino's (loved), Pulpo (fantastic service!!!) and a few less noteworthy places around here. Do you have any must-do's in the neighborhood?



      1. re: mystique

        Ripple and Palena (both the cafe and the fancier dining room).

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          I don't think there are any "must-dos" in Woodley Park. Lebanese Taverna is passable and I've read good things about New Heights (haven't been). Cleveland Park, about 15 mins. walk north on CT Ave. is a far better restaurant neighborhood. Palena especially, but also Ripple and Ardeo/Bardeo are well worthwhile.

          My favorite mussels at BB are the ones with veal and fried capers. The mushroom ones are also excellent. I haven't tried the Thai-style ones yet, but want to very much. I wasn't too crazy about the basic white wine ones though - too bland for my taste. A large serving (about $26 including frites/sauces) is *plenty* enough for two people - especially since they also give you a very nice bread for sopping up the delicious mussel sauce.

      2. I would go to either Graffiato, Sei, Rasika or PS7.