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Jul 3, 2012 11:27 AM

best food trucks

I'll be in Seattle in mid-August and want to try some food trucks while I am there-any suggestions for your favorites?

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      1. re: firecracker

        Matt's is solid. (been looking for a chance to try the competing Jemil's, thought) The only other one I might go out of my way for these days is Pinky's, better barbeque than most places in the city. (I'd rather go to Marination Station than Big Blue)

        Skillet is so overrated. Their fries are amazingly good (for food truck or otherwise), but their burgers are an overpriced, inconsistent mess. Their specials can often be alot of fun, but the way people talk about these guys does not reflect the quality or value. It's more trendy than good.

        1. re: firecracker

          I had Where Ya At Matt for lunch today (Starbucks HQ in SODO)... there was also a Crispy Crepe truck there, and I had a really nice apple crepe for dessert... their savory crepes also looked and smelled great.

          Matt (Peacemaker po'boy and gumbo) was delicious, well worth tracking them down!

          1. re: Booklegger451

            The food truck scene in SEA, while improving, is a shadow of what one can find in, say, Portland. (Did I just say that? ;) )

            That said, I agree with the promotion of Matt and Skillet (though I see the point about inconsistency in burger prep).

            No one has mentioned Mexican, and I think some of the best tacos locally can be had at Los Chilangos, and tortas from Barriga Llena (a fixture at Starbucks HQ).

            1. re: equinoise

              Folks, we are allowing more discussion of local food news issues on our boards, but we do ask that you not let 'where should I eat?' discussions get off on those types of tangents. We've split the discussion of Seattle's Food Truck laws over to a new thread so this one can remain focused on which food trucks are good.

              You can find that thread here:

              1. re: equinoise

                I now believe that Jemil's Big Easy supercedes Matt. I think the po-boys are closer to what one can get in New Orleans, and there something special about the fry batter that Jemil uses for his catfish and shrimp. Also, Jemil's has a pretty healthy slate of cajun/creole that Matt often does not: etoufee, fired okra, muffaleta, crawfish monica, etc., all of it good to great, IMO. Jemil has a heavy hand with the spice that just sings of the authentic.

                1. re: equinoise

                  The fried okra is great, agreed on the batter! So glad that downtown is now on Jemil's rotation.