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Purple yam soft serve?

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We're being led to believe summer is coming this week. This has started up my craving for some purple yam soft serve (soft, specifically, for nostalgic reasons) -- does anyone in the lower mainland have it? I know the crepe place at Konbiniya does matcha soft serve, which could do in a pinch.

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  1. Purple yam as in poi ("kalo")?

    La Casa Gelato is very open to new ideas and flavours. If they don't already have it, I bet if you proposed it to Signore Misceo he'd go for it :-)

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      I'm thinking murasaki-imo (aka "ube," I think), though some places use satsumaimo (pics not mine).

      I think I've had La Casa Gelato's version, actually!

      1. I had some at Pearl Hot Pot in Burnaby, of all places.

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          Hah, no way. Thanks for the tip!