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Jul 3, 2012 10:23 AM

One lunch in Senigallia

My wife and I will be in Arcevia for a wedding in mid-July, and have one slot available for a meal in the area. We are thinking of heading over to Senigallia, and are considering Uliassi, La Madonnina del Pescatore, and Pongetti. I would be most grateful for any views on these or other places nearby. Thanks!

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  1. haven't been to Pongetti, but between Uliassi and Madonnina, I'd choose Uliassi, but would be very happy to return to Madonnina too. We did both on a weekend about a year ago, and I'm sorry I don't remember what we had. Both were great, but recently when I had to choose one, I reserved Uliassi. Unfortunately we had to cancel.

    1. Agreed re Uliassi, provided you are looking for a Michelin *-ed fish restaurant. Also am unfamiliar with Pongetti.

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        We've been to both Uliassi and La Madonnina and thought they were two of the most disappointing meals we've ever had in restaurants highly rated by the Gambero Rosso. There was nothing special in the dishes at either place; the service at Uliassi was poor (at Madonnina it was really good). Some of the "culinary jokes" for what passed for food at Madonnina were embarrassing.

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          Many thanks for the feedback. Allende - Having previously read so many raves about Uliassi and Madonnina, your post is surprising, but appreciated.

          Pongetti is north of the center of town, a couple of blocks from the sea, on the busy road parallel to the sea. The friend we are visiting in Arcevia, a person with whom I have had some extraordinary meals, rates it very highly, and describes it as a classic place, where fish is prepared "the way it used to be." I tried to eat there a few years ago, but arrived too late.