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Jul 3, 2012 09:55 AM

Extra virgin olive oil

I usually try to buy this when I visit Arthur Avenue but I've run out and have no immediate plans to go to the Bronx.

Do 'hounds prefer Fairway or TJ's extra virgin olive oil? I'm no olive oil expert but I guess I'm just looking for a good bottle to use on salads and such. Now that I've picked up my cooking activity, I seem to go through oil pretty quickly these days. Hence, extra points for good value! :)


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  1. I used to use Trader Joe's but have been converted to Fairway. Better selection, tastings and 3liter oil cans available at great prices.

    1. Fairway has the edge because the selection is so much greater, and I can get a small bottle of a better quality for salads and a larger, less expensive one for everything else.
      Though I don't find fault with TJ's olive oil lately by any means. It's a pretty good value for around $7/liter.

      1. Whole Foods 365 brand has an olive oil for like $6.99. It comes in a pretty large bottle, I think 1 liter. While it's a blend of different olives, it claims to be 100% olive oil (as you're probably aware, a lot of olive oils are cut with other vegetable oils). And while a lot of the 100% claims are actually false, I'm inclined to trust Whole Foods because they do disclose that they're blending different kinds of olives (though Whole Foods has been caught in the past for cutting their oil with other vegetables).

        Every month or so they seem to have a premium brand olive on a huge markdown..

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          Thanks. I kind of always forget about Whole Foods, I guess as it's a bit of a longer walk to get to. Their 365 brand does seem to get good reviews, though. I do try to check out their weekly sales via their online posting. I'll keep an eye out for extra virgin olive oil.

          I'll probably have to head over to Fairway (which seems to be getting more positive feedback on this thread) in the interim as I'm pretty much out of oil for salads, at this point

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            At Whole Foods in Jericho, Long Island they have oil from CALIFORNIA OLIVE RANCH, a great oil that was proven to be all evoo in a university analysis. About $20/liter. I have also seen it in some Shoprite markets.

            If you want to go to Astoria, the store Titan has a really super oil called Optima Gold. Greek oil about $20 for 3 liter can.

            I have not read from anyone about keeping your oil in the fridge. Take it out 15 min or so before using and then put it back. If you need it in a hurry put in a container of hot water for a few minutes. It will keep fresh for a very long time like this. I have also read that if your whole bottle does not solidify in the fridge, it might have been blended with other non evoo's.

          2. Frankie's 457 is my favorite. However, as far as I know, you have to hit Carrol Gardens/Cobble Hill to get it. I would stick with Fairway and any O&CO. shop/s. Both of them allow you to sample their selection before purchasing. And they do indeed have a very nice assortment to choose from.

            1. Eataly has a good selection of Olive Oil. Personally I prefer olive oil from Sicily although I have had good Tuscan Olive Oil. The most delicious Olive Oil I have had was unfiltered from the Druze people in Israel.

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                Yup, Sicilian olive oil is what I just ran out of. I was very happy with it.